We sum up our achievements and now happy to share it with you!

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We make our best to bring our users the best quality service and promote the decentralized technologies as in the case of e-Chat multi-task platform.
Thank you very much for helping us with the e-Chat project nourishment, none of what we have reached so far would have been possible without your support and appreciation. Additional words of gratitude to all who believe in us and have invested in e-Chat during its ICO!

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I am a huge fan of this project, I think is an undiscovered gem and it will blast the Ico ratings very soon. Think it seriously, the common people whenever takes its phone goes to whatsapp. E-chat is its evolution, is a everyday up which is coming.

@thetyper, do you really believe in that project. They are very strange and cannot even send a link to the new version that is not broken. I'm not some hater, I bought the tokens myself, but..man, it sucks.

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