Our group of advisors keeps growing and we heartily welcome every new member!

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Let’s introduce the two newcomers to the rest of the humming e-Chat community.
Michael Balagna is a standalone talent in the Blockchain marketing field. He has excessive experience as a strategic and marketing communication advisor and is actively nourishing a US-based Network Unit and an Australian-based Gladius company. Moreover, Michael is a COO at DCORP.it – Democratizing Venture Capital organization located in the Netherlands.
Viveik V. has joined our board of advisors in December 2017. Vivek is a Blockchain advocate and an active investor in cryptocurrency startups. Vivek knows what a successful startup story means since he has been in ICO funding for over 2 years already. At the same time, Viveik is an experienced developer himself and could give the professional assessment of any Blockchain project based on its codebase and the integrity of the technologies.
Dear friends, let’s greet our new advisors and keep on sailing to our common target together. Hurry up, the Second Round of e-Chat ICO is about to end in less than 10 days! Invest in our first decentralized messaging platform with the discount before the date of December 30, 2017.


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