e-Chat Team Welcomes New Advisor

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Dear e-Chat Users and Supporters! Our team never stops growing, so we are very pleased to introduce Eric Schjelderup as our new advisor.

Eric has 20 years of experience in consulting and presently is a Chairman at WagePay Ltd. and Simple Energy Inc. Eriс is a well-known specialist in the strategy development, finances and raising ”seed capital” for companies. Under his direct leadership, more than $150 million was raised for various projects in the UK, the USA, and China. Eric has worked with multiple public companies, coordinated relations with investors, and established contacts with foreign partners.
e-Chat team believes that cooperation with such a highly skilled professional will be a benefit and for sure lead our project to a success. Welcome aboard our new member!


For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 9484.00USD

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