Another proof of the adoption of cryptocurrency - a museum in the US will receive payments in the BTC

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While the skeptics continue to express their concerns about the future of virtual names, Bitcoin is becoming a successful person in the ever-expanding family of companies that have begun to accept it. One of the latest and very interesting Bitcoin adoption reports comes from the United States.

The third US museum, the Great Lakes Science Center, announced that it would accept payments in the BTC.

Bitcoin as a payment method
According to a published report, this magnificent center, museum and educational facility in Cleveland, Ohio, has decided to accept payments in Bitcoin on November 13, 2018. These transactions will be processed through BitPay. The Institution further states that one of the key points that played a role in deciding on the adoption of cryptomenias was to improve the conditions for the growth of the local blockchain system in the city.

Kirsten Ellenbogen, CEO of this facility, commented on her new initiative as follows:

"There's a lot of excitement at the conferences. And the beginning of Bitcoin acceptance is only a small part of the dynamically growing blockchain ecosystem in our country in Cleveland. "

Integration of Bitcoin

This scientific center has become the third US museum to accept payments using the virtual currency. Even before it, the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Texas, and the St. Petersburg Museum of History, decided to take this opportunity. The Museum of the Coastal Bend was the first museum to be decided for integration in 2013.

At that time, there was considerable concern that visitors would ever want to make use of the BTC payment option. Nevertheless, the management decided to offer this opportunity to their visitors. We are pleased to note that these plans have proved to be relatively viable and promising. Five years later, the Great Lakes Science Center has joined the initiative several times. Visitors will be able to buy cryptomeni tickets and visit the NASA-Glenn Visitor Center.

In addition, this institution offers its visitors the chance to try out on their own skin new mobile applications that are built on modern and cutting-edge technologies such as expanded and virtual reality. Upon successful launch of these applications, Bitcoin integration is considered to be another important step to enhance visitors' experience and help them better understand NASA's role and work.

Bitcoin conquers the world

Bitcoin's digital currency integration is increasing and the initiative of this science center is clear evidence. Moreover, even in the future it can be assumed that due to the growing number of cryptocurrency users around the world, the number of shops and other places where Bitcoin or other virtual currency will be able to pay will grow.