nothing since the fractal is to rate higher and we are still bullish on btc

Yeeeees, fractals. I can see them, but predictions based on them are sometimes fallible. Like here:

sure you are right since it is important to be aware of multiple scenarios, still I rate this one with a lower probability, best of luck to you!😊

It seems I was correct - it was a bearish flag

for it to be a bearish flag we would need to be in a bear market, do you really believe that?

I hope for you that you didnt believe into your own analysis and didnt lose money 😉

I sold at 1400 and bought at 12000.

congrats , shorting a bullmarket takes nervs 😊

I am not so sure about the bull market. We might be witnesing bear brake out. Check bitcoin dominance chart on coinmrket cap. Looks lilkw we are doing wave c of a correction.