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So, several days ago I posted about my new journey with microhash. That post was censored by some whales and bots just for mentioning the words microhash. What really aggravated me was my constant warnings and use of the word scam in the post yet this was not good enough and I got slapped down.


Moving on, yesterday microhash stopped paying out for me. My brother-in-law is still getting paid, as of yesterday, but he started after I did. I think the scam is rolling out payment stops and to the oldest users first. What this does is get people that are still getting paid to put out a positive word of mouth campaign and new users continue to sign-up.

This scam is really well thought out and is making the scammers a large amount of bitcoin. Currently the site is on day 29 of operation and yesterday was the first time that they stopped making payments for anyone. That means if you got in on day 17 or before then you made money.

account problem.jpg

I tried to reach out to microhash at the provided support email address - [email protected] and I got the following message in gmail.

email not real.jpg

I have logged in a couple more times and tried to initiate a transfer and had negative results. Lesson learned folks, don't play with scam sites. Or, get in early... If you want to earn crypto then this is a great place to be, steemit is growing like crazy!

account balance.jpg

What is my new plan? It looks like the same people that setup microhash have created a new site called Thunderbit. I'm tossing $60 in there and we will see what happens. If they follow suit and shutdown payments on day 28 then I am all good. I got in yesterday, which was day 3 of operation. These guys are smart so who knows if they will follow the same pattern, it may be day 9 when they shutdown. I'll let you all know.


I'm wary of 95% of cloud mining firms as they eventually turn out to be scam. Nice post.

Thanks! Yeah almost all of them are, it's playing with fire.

Wear your fireproof vest so you don't get burned :)

LOL, that's right!

sorry you got burned, thanks for the update!

I look at it as paying for an education.

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