Bitcoin Money Making Machine - Probably (definitely) a Scam - Take My Money!

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Let's Get Stupid Rich!

Sooooooo. I got a little crazy and have been spreading some cash around to various miracle money making sites. Today I am going to talk about MicroHash.

What's the deal with MicroHash? Simple. You deposit bitcoin and "buy" hashpower. This money that you transfer to the site is locked in for life, you can not get it back. In return for your investment you are paid a handsome reward of 10% DAILY. What? Did the bitcoin ferry just create a site? NO!

Truth is folks, this is probably almost 100% definitely a scam. The thing about scams are though is that the scammers like $$$. In order to get as much money as possible they have to actually have a website that works and pays out. Now, the dice roll is determining whether or not you get in early enough. MicroHash has been running for 25 days as of today, August 16, 2017. From my extensive research, googling, these scam websites tend to stay in operation between 60-90 days. Cool, if they follow suit I've got a good 35-65 days of fun.

Here is what I did. I started out just kicking the tires. I deposited 0.03156982 BTC which at the time was about $135 USD. I waited until the next day and sure enough I got a payout, $9.67. I'm feeling a little frisky so I send over another 0.1080083 BTC which at the time was about $436 USD. Things are getting crazy now. By the way, these two investments have me sitting at 4929 KH/s hashpower.

Today rolls around and I log in and I have $59.41 waiting for me, excellent. I take the payout and immediately transfer the funds to my BTC wallet, which is what I did yesterday as well.

Now, I know and don't need to hear in the comments that this is a scam, probably a pyramid scheme. I'm taking a risk with money that I already consider lost. DO NOT "invest" with money that pays the rent or puts food on the table. If you do decide to jump in on this then it should be with money that will have no impact on you if it disappears.

Here are screen shots showing all of my activity up to this point. I plan on keeping everyone up to date with how things progress.

Initial Investment
microhash deposits.jpg

Payouts so far
microhash payouts.jpg

My "hashing" power
microhash dwhntx.jpg

Spreadsheet oooooh
microhash spreadsheet.jpg

Wallet showing payouts
microhash to wallet.jpg

With a break even in less than 9 days, I'm getting greedy and going for it.

If you want to join me on this adventure:

  1. Have money to use that you don't care about losing
  2. Expect to lose your money
  3. Refer to 1 and 2
  4. Use my affiliate link so that I get hooked up.

Affiliate link:


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hmmm, sounds too good to be true but you might get lucky i hope you do, at least your having fun tho thats the main thing :)

It's definitely too good to be true. I'm just hoping to recover my investment before it crashes. If that happens then everything is gravy after that!

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