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RE: The War On Bitcoin Is Proof Crypto Is Winning

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@zer0hedge....bro You would be right, if not for one "but.The financial nature of any so-called crypto-currencies - is inflationary!Infinite growth in the value of an asset in conjunction with the infinite fractionality of an asset is the inflationary nature of the asset.
Macro world and micro world are two infinity.
Therefore, the so-called crypto-currencies - this asset is exclusively inflationary, like any other fiat currency.For us 'small' people, the financial markets are hazardous, to say the least. I don't have enough returns on my money invested to spend all day analyzing markets for the next buy/sell. I have to have a job. It's clear that all those markets are fixed so that the 'big' people are going to turn me over at some point.The value of bitcoin has risen dramatically because, well, what is left for us? QE has destroyed markets and devalued currencies. And it's centrally controlled. A couple of people on opposite sides of the world can keep a cc running.Not really arguing, though I think your wrong about it being a ponzi. I think cc's don't fit into our current financial models because they are decentralised, so they're hard to place. Just putting thoughts to words. Still trying to figure it out myself....thank you for sharing with us...


What is macro and micro world bro??

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