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RE: Who's Afraid of Decentralized Currency?

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That was great, James. Thanks for posting on Steem.
I feel like crypto is out of control for the banksters, so they're coopting digital currencies in order to lead things to the cashless society they've wanted for generations. Crypto isn't evil, as some simplistically conclude. The banksters are simply recognizing it as an opportunity to complete their psyop.
And yet, I do think truly private and completely decentral cryptos are one way free people are staying free.


But how do you protect such cryptos from being taken down?
Very simple measures such as banning exchanges that trade such coins.
The real disruptors are being ghettoised - we are left with the easiest coins to control, waiting for evilcoin to be developed.

I seems that if there's demand for real cryptos that can't get controlled and taken down, they will or do exist. If that's something we need, it's something that will happen. There will always be attempts to rule by force and coercion - and resistance to that tyranny - as long as the human spirit exists.