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Fellow steemians,

Its time to earn some btc ....right?

Starting articles about a series of legit websites approved by authorities regarding earning bitcoin by doing simple tasks .
In today's article i m dealing with a web browser that you may probably know.

This a web browser similar to google chrome. While browsing internet a mining process will be going on through a tab.
Here is an image showing browser interface.
It shows mining speed, how much you have earned and a referal port.
Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00001 btc that you can reach in a few days.
This website is approved by NBR ..attatching a proof here with....

I m providing a refferal link that pay you a bonus..Infact a bonus is also transfered to my account


Happy earning


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Very informative post I should try


Dont missout the bonus..get through link

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Thank You !

very important & informative post.