Bitcoin future prediction:

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Honestly, in 2011 it went from pennies to $20, then back down to $4. In 2013 it went from $4 to $200, back down to $60 ish and then up to $1000 and then back down to $300. It fluctuated a few times before 2017 when it went to $20,000 and then back down to $6000… All of those previous swings are larger than the swings we’re seeing now. Now everyone is acting like the sky is falling because it lost half it’s value from peak, even though we’ve seen worse swings than this. Due to past trends, I legitimately think we’ll see it go up to $50,000 or even $100,000 before it tanks back down to $20,000 ish. If that happens, I think we’ll see people say the same thing that they’re saying now; “Bitcoin lost so much value, it’s finished,” just like they’re doing now, and I think they’ll be just as wrong that time too.

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I think the same

Bitcoin is the definition of the 'come back kid'.