Meanwhile, Bitcoin Is Over $17,000 In Korea - And Over $14,000 On Average

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Last night seems to have been supportive not only for SBD, but also for Bitcoin, who now trades well above $14,000. But again, the most interesting price comes from Korea, where, in Bithumb and Coinone, one Bitcoin can be bought for over $17,000.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 9.09.49 AM.png

We are in completely uncharted territory right now. But with almost $400 billions in market cap and market dominance of over 60% Bitcoin is up for something really disruptive here.

It's gonna be the most interesting Christmas in a while.

We may probably remember it as "the Crypto Christmas".

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it's like everyone's at a race

This is totally insane now. SBD seems to break the 10$ mark if the rally continues.

As long as the Koreans buy BTC for 10-15% more, this train will not stop! :-D

czazy, all the profit!

The star of cryptocurrency soaring high. Next it may turn 20,000...just maybe haha.. it is possible to happen in Korean exchange I think.

This is just proving we are facing something completely new and disruptive. Bitcoin just does not behave as any other regular asset in terms of technical analisys. You just can not expect the market to react as it does with any other derivative. This is something never seen before and even though it corrects every once in a while, corrections are very very quick as demand keeps growing.
Just wait till "regular" institutions start offering bitcoin wallets to its clients to make it easier for mainstream adoption...

Great share,very informative!!

I'm curious what will happen tomorrow, I may still win the bet :P

so it can go tomorrow at that price tomorrow for sure :D

Please tell me again how this isn't another Dutch tulip craze?

Because man, I want to believe.

I still haven't bought a BTC that I didn't earn as STEEM. The Wife's a bit more ambitious, but at least she's already withdrawn her initial investment - so at least by playing with the rest it feels like we've got nothing to lose.