For A Meager 43 Bitcoins You Can Now Become A Citizen Of Vanuatu

in bitcoin •  8 months ago


Before trying to see where Vanuatu is, let me tell you something really fast: Vanuatu is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (along with New Zealand or Canada) and its citizenship allows you visa-free travel on no less than 113 countries, including EU and United Kingdom.

Now, before trying to see how much dollars you can get for 43 Bitcoins, let me tell you that it equals roughly to $200.,000.

And now we can safely look up Vanuatu on the map and we will obviously find it in the Pacific Ocean, near Australia and New Zealand. 83 islands, beaches, nice weather and an offshore paradise.

According to a story published in NewsWeek, the citizenship by investment program launched by Vanuatu in March this year announced that it will accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. The processing will be done via an Australian exchange.

I cannot see a better use for your hard earned Bitcoin, if you have some.

image source - Pixabay

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Interesting stuff. This seems like a simpler alternative to the whole Roger Ver Free Society Foundation idea... though less radical.


weather would be nicer too ;)

43 BTC means a huge amount of funds :D That's great news!


Perhaps the USA should follow the same plan?


I wouldn't go there, to be honest...

Haha if I had anywhere close to 41 bitcoin I'd definitely consider this. Maybe in 10 years when we're all millionaires off of our crypto investments we can set-up a crypto paradise?


I hope it's in 5 years. Not 10.


Haha well in that case I hope it's 1 year and not 5 ;)

This looks like an incredible place, and those who accumulated a lot of bitcoin a few years ago could do this for sure. I'll have to look into this a bit more though, not because I will personally do it, but it's definitely an interesting idea.

haha very cool and nicely written i was about to check but dropped the idea :D

Thanks @dragosroua for being so bold and warning people ! I hope people take your advice on board and dont get carried away with FOMO and promise of free bitcoin. Will resteem and upvote to get the message out !


Thanks @dragosroua for being so bold and warning people !

Are you sure you commented on the right post? Warning people about what?


:))) I don't know why you bother.
Anyway when I read this kind of news I feel like a chump for not getting into bitcoin earlier


sau așa...


ignorance is bliss ;)

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This is great and i would go but only if it wasnt such a lot of lot of lot of money :(