Bitcoin Close To $17,000 - Trading At Over $19,000 On Korean Exchanges

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The first rule of trading: market is always right. Always.

So I'm not gonna say this shouldn't happen, because, obviously, it happens.

But I do say something's gonna give. There is an incredible bull run for Bitcoin in the last few days and either this is the biggest scam of all times, with some very coordinated and powerful whales manipulating the price, or we're seeing the first social burst of crypto-currencies, an even which, if proven true, will make itself a nice place in all history books.

Now, back to numbers. Bithumb and Coinone are seeing prices above $19,000, while all the other exchanges are hovering around $15,000. All alts are in red until the 15th position, which means FOMO spread to the alt owners camp too.

Like I said, something's gonna give. For now, I put aside some popcorn.

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I should have bought more Bitcoin. Doh!

you all know that this rise in value is due entirely to the fact that I didn't buy more Bitcoin right?

I sold all my SBD and bought alt coins, that are going down. Bitcoin and SBD are going up.

I just hope the rest of you are grateful hehe.


Patience, my friend.


ExchangeLast PriceVolumne
BitfinexBTC/USD$ 14,860.73$ 1,945,674,731
GDAXBTC/USD$ 16,099.990$ 1,204,310,129

Nope, not popping yet.


Pop goes the weasel, LOL!

Bitcoin the Bubblecoin, pop! pop! pop!

what kind of popcorn?
plain, buttered or caramel?


With polenta (mamaliga, in Romanian). :)


some kinda pepper thang?


Neah, some sort of a porridge, but made out of corn flour.


huh...never heard of such a thing.

I just read in the Guardian that someone reckons it will hit 60k next year for crash the following year when regulation comes in. Nobody really knows


Nobody really knows

Agree. As for regulation to kicks in, it will take a while. And there are also privacy enhanced coins, like Monero and ZCash, which will make impossible tracking (unless these coins will be declared illegal by the regulators, which is even more difficult).

Bitcoin is in uptrend:). Also bitcoin solves a lot of money problems, like store of wealth. Just remember what happened in Cyprus or Greece, recently in Venezuela. Ray Dalio said it is bubble based on price action, but before bubble burst it needs to be largely held and many people do not even know what it is. Just ask regular Joe if he owns it.

$17000 in the world, $19,000 in Korea and $26,000 in Zimbabwe!

Yeah It would be interesting to see where it goes..
It is a bubble for sure...But how much big its gonna get, nobody can tell...


It is a bubble for sure...

we can only know a bubble in hindsight :)


It is too soon. Has to come down now

I read an article that projected a single bitcoin to be worth around $1,000,000 by 2020 and that was based on a model where a bitcoin would be worth $5,000 at the end of 2017. Currently its value is 3 times more than projected. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Wouldnt hurt to invest $20 or something. I attained 32 cents about a year ago and it's now worth almost $15. I'm still new to cryptocurrency and trying to learn more about the pros, cons and etc.


That was an estimate made by a man who said he'd eat his own penis if it didn't happen.


A man who enjoys coke and hookers very much.

Sorry, couldn't help it. ☺

oh my god from nearly 19000 one day ago to 15000 looks like a major pull back has occurred