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Plz support my researched by using my Ref link. Thank you

What does Friendz?
Friendz disintermediates media agencies, connecting companies to people who help them online through their social media profiles. People get rewarded with FDZ for creating and sharing contents on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Medium.
This is a peer-to-peer social media marketing revolution

Here is a good video which explains Friendz well
Ico Bench gave Friendz the highest rating atm
Icomarks gave Friendz 8 of 10 points. + Here a Summary of Data from the ICO Track ico gave friendz 4.6 of 5 points

There is already a waiting list of arround 300 People for the Whitelisting

The sale starts 1 March and the Telegram Grp has already reached to over 25k People.

This video shows how easy it is to get the free coins.

I think Friendz is a project worth of keep an eye on them and getting the free coins.
As always do your own researches this is a summary of some quick Infos. Im only posting Ico´s that i found worth.

Plz support my researches by using my Ref. Link. Thank you!

Have a nice day

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Thanks for the post!

Always do your own research, and even as close to the date of the ICO as possible.

As a personal anecdote, I was super excited for the Gems ICO, ready to get in on the presale, and then they announced the terms of the sale. Needless to say, I did not participate.

Basically, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into, and always DYOR!


Thank you. Yes something similar happend to me with Eos. Wantet to buy them later on Exchanges but missed unfortunatly


Ah yeah, EOS would have been amazing to get into. Still super bullish on its future. Do you hold some?


No, i watched them at 0,50$ and waitet too long.


Hey everyone! Huge airdrop going on with Walletours, today is the last day to get this huge reward. WTS currently $.29 in pre-sale and you can get 1000 free WTS by just clicking my this link: and signing up. Valued at $290.00 currently and going higher.

Wow, thanks for the tip ! I will look in to it.
maybe check out my posts about airdrops =)

EDIT: oops, sorry, sadly i got that one already

Thanks for the post and the info! Did you sign up for this yourself? The maximum tokens you can get in aidrop is 100, but that is if you do an insane amount referrals to friends. The most likely amount is 20 tokens. I think it is a bit misleading in your headline to say 3000 free tokens, since to get that your referrals needs to buy tokens in ICO.

I did not know the great efficiency of this

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