LIVE Podcast with Doug Polk (me) and Richard Heart. What should we talk about?

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Hey guys. I'm going live for a podcast interview with Richard Heart at 1pm PT (about 1.5 hours from now).

You can subscribe to my podcast channel here.

What do you guys want us to talk about?


Ask him about being a scammer!

Can you be more specific?

Lol, wish I had read this sooner.
What an ignorant comment, they're probably an IOTA fan and are mad about Richard's comments.

What a horrible comment.

Richard: I'm gona keep you pker players away from kids Doug: WTFFF...

Lmaoo crazy

The Look at the beginning of the video Tho..LMAo.. Priceless, you could tell the hate was coming.

Oh yeah. Going to get my popcorn ready. Here's some ideas.

-Ellen DeGeneres and how good big of an influence can she have on Bitcoins adoption

-Roger Ver :D

-Retards talking about crypto on television without knowing shit about it

-About how Charles Munger, Warren Buffet's man-servant described Bitcoin as a "noxious poison"

How does he feel after the bounce-back about Bitcoin's future? Is he still a maximalist? (In his interview with Ivan on Tech during the dip, poor Richard had lost all faith in his beloved BTC, and was practically in tears.)

Wouldnt mind a more in-depth discussion on the Poloniex acquisition , pros/cons etc. Also, maybe ask his thoughts on your 100K coins experiment?

Btw love the vids Doug, keep'em coming !

Hey doug Thanks for the great crypt videos you are one of the only ones i watch very solid videos good info and humor

Cant wait.

On another not whats your thoughts on @steembasicincome

Awesome! Looking forward to it. I'd like to hear his views on the growth of total crypto market cap? What's holding it from crossing 500b?

ok, thanks for the heads up!

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