CRYPTO NEWS: PayPal director says Bitcoin could hit $1,000,000! Plus other top stories.

in bitcoin •  last year

Other stories covered in this video:

  • Reddit co-founder promotes Stellar Lumens
  • State of Vermont is implementing blockchain
  • Hackers steal millions from IOTA owners

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You are killin me with laughter. Me and my coworkers talk about your videos like it's some hit tv show lol. Keep it up and Steem on!

It has been a few years that Wences Casares has predicted a million dollar bitcoin, since april 2014

Many people predict this amount and some even the years pass by you will see how logical and inevitable it is for bitcoin to hit 7 figures per bitcoin

Great video again Doug thanks for sharing. Also, do you plan on talking about Steem / Steemit in any upcoming videos? Would love to hear more of your take and the future you see here


No plans, but a Steemit video or mention is a possibility. I'm still feeling out the platform and increasing my understanding of it.


You're gonna love it.


Awesome looking forward to move vids! PS I have a bestselling video course about Steemit. Let me know if if you wanna copy


I would love a copy Joe. Can you shoot me an email at


Message Sent


So thrilled to see you commenting finally! You are going to be an incredible asset for Steem, for sure.

Remember to Power Up your STEEM and use that upvoting power to mine even more STEEM.


Vest your steem doug it will make you feel like superman!


Increase brother! Increase!


Better jump on in.. @craig-grant has been here some time talking about how good steem is now that his other investments has gone to shit.

Greedy mens entraping with them seedy wallet gens

There is PayPal director , where is bitcoin director ? haha
great bitcoin

I'm no rocket scientist but IMO - 1ML Bitcoin possible by 2030 if:
Governmental regulation simply focues on bad actors (scam ICOs and Lending/Staking Ponzis) Exchanges operating as expected in traiditional markets (no gauging fees, liquidity requirements for payouts to name a few).
Financial Institutions and whale company players i.e Facebook & Google not stealing the talent from existing top teams of platform and or currency coin/token companies to develop their own crypto and forcing people to use it.
Necessary Lightning/Segwit/Block size increases keep it viable and functioning as per design.
People around the world hold strong, continue investing in viable coins/tokens and continuing p2p and business uses.
Oh, and most likely atleast a half dozen other significant variables regarding country alliances and FOREX.
Just my $0.02.
Speaking of $0, if anyone is interested, check out the documentary I've started where I'm beginning in crypto with $0 and using FREE faucet and cloud mining sites to accumulate FREE crypto to build a portfolio worth....more than $0. Developing the strategy with milestones set as I go. Any and all feedback on my YouTube channel is appreciated.
May crypto continue to climb and thrive!

doug i just love the way you deliver your news bro of course we are going to the moon , say hi to lona for me .

i wonder what paypals is doing more fore their integration with bitcoin

Hey Doug! thanks for the video, I really enjoy the humor and research you put into them. Do you re-post them on Dtube? I haven't been there much but I think you can can easily convert your youtube videos into Dtube videos, and I guess get paid twice lol.

Am I wrong? if so please correct me.

Doug, there are dangerous folks in crypto. You see what they did to your dog. Your staying silent about it.

Nice video hope to see these in the future!

Great video!
I think that Bitcoin can contribute to Paypal's growth as much as it can undermine it.
It all depends on how PayPal will adapt.

It’s really difficult to image it can go that high , it’s current downward trend seems really scary


Have faith. The market needed to correct so we can set a good support and continue upwards. The PARABOLIC move upwards had me scared.

How i explain my mom what is Bitcoin : Its like paypal .. but you send BTC instead of dollars .. its a good thing because bitcoin always goes up ... that's how i got my mom to invest in bitcoin .. huehuehue :D


Nice job! My mom cannot even pronounce the word [Bitcoin].


Maybe the pronunciation is as important as having a big investment with bitcoin


She's also doesn't know how to use a computer.

Good to see you here @dougpolkcrypto

I'll be giving Iota a bit of latitude given they are pioneering a new type of crypto asset, but yes, I agree these developments aren't particularly good.

Good video , Good news as well . Your videos are really well done . thank you

Thank you for the great content Doug! I'd love to know what you think of Steem(it) so far. Because from what I can see you're doing pretty good on here 👍

Anyways keep up the good work!

Peace! ✌

Hope your dog's leg is ok! :)


She's doing well thanks!

It all depends on us. There is as much possibility for it to happen as there is to fail.

It's so sad about the IOTA owners yet on the same note, people need to be careful and do their research before trusting any site.

That is great information man, thanks for sharing!! Your videos are awesome!! I just finished a post talking about cryptocurrencies that might be of interest to you. Check it out if you get the opportunity.

Thanks for the info, especially that of IOTA. I bought some IOTA which i held for a few weeks b4 dumping it. Your post just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that I did the right thing. thanks!

Damn PayPal I just tried to use the QR code on there to buy bitcoin. It didn't work but imagine of they had introduced bitcoin to there model. I think this would be a good thing.

been watching you on youtube for a little while, I love your satire in your videos, especially like you calling out other youtubers. legend, just followed you

Yes! You’re on steem it!

1mil btc in 10,12yrs would be posible, other coins that will pass btc also posible, if u see what things happening in one month than longer periods will bring much more changes i guess.

Love watching your videos - you're kind of like the Trevor Noah/Stephen Colbert of crypto ha! Keep them coming! 😀

Doug look into the witness process here on Steemit. I believe it may be a great fit for you.

pls can someone tell me how many post is recommended per day for a great results on steem?

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Request coin will replace Paypal in the future.

Good friend, please follow back

Please thank the member of your staff that took the time to speak with me on Discord. You might want to include a link to your steemit account in your YouTube posts as well.



"I only speak english" , made me laugh out loud

Good banter, right attitude and good production. Keep up the good work!

Dude are you sure it's you? I never hear you mention anything about Steem in your videos? Anyway I think you are one of the very very few youtubers that I enjoy watching, thanks man keep it up!

Doug, Why don't you have any money in your wallet? Get that steem power!

Keep up the great vids. Ive been following both channels on youtube since creation. Never change man.

Hi Doug, I've been a fan of yours for many years now! I was a pro poker grinder for some time hehe, and your course helped a lot! I guess crypto is the logical next step for us isn't it?! Give a grinder some love Doug, glad to connect on Steemit!

Please just never stop making fun of Crypto Nick and his fellow BitConnect thugs. It kills me every time.