A closer look at the man known as Roger Ver

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This is one you won't want to miss, unless you like Roger Ver.

I tried to stay away from the Bitcoin vs Bitoin Cash debate in this video, and instead focused on Ver.

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I still have respect for @rogerkver, we have all made mistakes...regardless of his past he was one of the original pioneers of the Bitcoin community. He did a lot in terms of educating people all over the world and speaking about BTC when no one even cared. For that he is still a legend in my book. Its too bad to see what is going on with the current war between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin and all the confusion. Some think Ver is trying to cause confusion and manipulate things, I am not too sure about that. I believe he is trying to do what he believes is the right thing by supporting Bitcoin Cash since its "closer" to what is described in satoshi's white paper. With that said I dont think that matters. Satoshi does not own Bitcoin, he released it into the wild and disappeared for a reason. This entire ecosystem growing around us is backed by BTC and in my view is a "digital gold" like asset. Its up for the markets and other forces to decide now what happens with BTC. To be honest I believe Steem is by far a better form of cash for day to day use than any other chain right now.

Thank you for speaking out about about this @thejohalfiles. @dougpolkcrypto I think you are completely wrong here.

he is trying to hide what roger ver has gotten correct by hiding it behind his errors- the sad but true part is that we are all on the same side and want to see crypto success besides btc holders got cash for free- whats the issue anyway ? you can participate in both ecosystems and attempt to fix issues and thats a win win .

p.s. spooning leads to FORKING please use condiments

Completely agree with you @thinktankllc. Why doesn't Doug do a video exposing the censorship on r/Bitcoin for example? Or about the company Blockstream?

well said @thejohalfiles, learnt much about this issue from your detailed comment.Thanks for your worthy views.

I still have respect for @rogerkver, we have all made mistakes...regardless of his past he was one of the original pioneers of the Bitcoin community.
I believe Steem is by far a better form of cash for day to day use than any other chain right now.

Yes i do agree with @thejohalfiles that in war between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin one should not pay much attention. It is a fact that BTC is father coin as per it's prominence around the real world but the point is, stardom always has a decline. So, it is understood that BTC will fall down may be in 2019 but until then BTC would have paved it's way and people will remember it by the worth it attained :)

After reading many blogs on this very topic i can move myself towards the propaganda by Bankers to just degrade the digital currencies because i have read many news that BTC is banned in many places around the globe.

The best thing is going to happen is Steem <3 as @stephenkendal wrote an article in recent past in which he mentioned that Steem will surpass the $500 in 2018.

Life and Crypto world is so uncertain, none knows what are it's plan for us ;)

So rock it guys and Stay blessed

@thejohalfiles while I do not know a lot, but I have only heard good things about Ver. Also, yes Steem is surely the better form than any other chain.

Hello sir , how can i get upvote from you ???


  • Your videos are nice and different.. but let me tell you something ... this video is a game changer for you !!! And for me, After I’ve k iwn such info, I am no longer interested to get rich from any product related to such a felony Ver !!!!

  • But really How you could have traced all this in a seamingly way ??? How you could ever do that? And how long did it take from you to prepare and make this Epic video ?


@josteem found someone on steemit that he loves. It is @josteem

Love you too 😉

LOL, I have noticed this all day Dave -- well said.

Be good man!!!

Ive never really been a fan of ver from the first time I seen an interview of him. It was that interview of him crying about bitcoin and governments lol Too whiny for me to take serious

oh... yeah I remember that video.... "they are killing people"...... "you know what I mean..... killing"

Waaa waaa wa big cry baby ver lol

Great video. As a noob in this crypto space it's kinda hard to make out what's what in terms of the people you should or shouldn't believe. Your video's, while having to take them with a grain of salt, uncomplicate things in a very entertaining way. Kudo's :D

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Yes! Listen to Reko ^^^^ Can we get Doug to play in a tourney!!????? I would do anything to make that happen.

When it comes to lightning he's flip floppin' all over the place like he's on a sandy beach on holiday

Pretty funny and crazy sh*t. Some people will do anything for a quick buck.

Great stuff Doug. We all new Roger was a complete ass and arrogant MF after the "flip off" video, but now we also know he's a felon and a Mt. Gox scam supporter along with plenty more dubious and shitty moments in his past. This needs to be brought to light because too many people seem to think Roger is some great guy and therefore also buy the whole "BTrash as Bitcoin Cash" story hook, line, and sinker. It's people like Roger that give a very bad name to crypto.

Roger is just the first of the "f(or/uc)kers" that started an avalanche of "me too" forks on Bitcoin. There is expected to be 50 or more new forks in 2018. Basically, it's just a bunch of parasites looking to ride on the success of Bitcoin by "f(or/uc)king" Bitcoin. They sell themselves as "helpers" but anyone that knows how scammers work know exactly what they are and what their tactics are. Roger is just the most visible of these that are currently trying milk the Bitcoin forks for all they are worth. If Bitcoin is the mother of all crypto, you know what these guys are.. MFs. Thanks again for calling it out so very clearly.

I don't get the hate for using BCash. If anything it has more potential from a branding perspective. Unless of course the insistent on using Bitcoin Cash/Core is to eventually drink Bitcoin's milkshake.

Only in this space could you find a marketing approach based upon slowly cannibalizing your competitor to eventually become him.

Awesome episode! I love you humor. Big fan here!
Roger Ver is simply another Crypto-Bully like so many. This is the modern version of school yard brawls - like the whales here on Steemit.
By the way, did you realize the similarities between Ver and this guy?

I don’t understand why we need to worry about the DEV’s when it comes to crypto. If they are good people that is cool but as long as a coin has a function and makes an improvement of some sort to add value that’s all that really matters to me. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash is an insane argument. Bitcoin will always be the original and with the Segwit and the Lightning Network being adopted it’s goin to maintain its “mother of all crypto” title. Bitcoin Cash will always have its place in the space especially since it was added to GDAX.

roger ver and his views on bitcoin CASH is holding true to the fact that bitcoin needs to have a functional utliity to spread and speed up adoption and this is very much true and the path that started bitcoin. a payment system with higher then competition costs its ridiculous - maybe lightning will help maybe it won't but at this time he's correct in identifying it as a issue that need to be corrected. if its a payment system lets make it the best possible -- if it isn't .. and its a store of value .. why is core working on lightning? hubs seem to be bank like tokens paths don't they?

DFS coin and upfiring reviews

Thank you very much for speaking out! I feel like long since this has not been about blocksize, fees, decentralization and whatever... its about ego and power.

I agree that Bitcoin needs to scale better with bigger blocks or other tech. But Roger Ver and Fake Satoshi(Craig Wright) are two persons I don't trust at all, they are a problem for the credibility of Bitcoin Cash.

Great video Doug,
Btw its good to seeing you do both poker & crypto,you have a unique look (with a touch of comedy) to both.

its funny,for a long time i heard of him being mentioned as Bitcoin Jesus....now by some as the AntiChrist.

Amazing how opinions can switch hard when you ask people about Roger Ver.

I consider him neither but more "Bitcoin Bro" more than anything.
He's innovative,brillant in business aspects & been at the right place at the right time.

He needs some real polishing......
That whole crap over 50 bucks...was somewhat ridiculous ..especially putting up someones personal address online.

There are plenty in this space almost (or worse) than Roger Ver easily but as he learns that spotlight does burn at times.


Hell i'm surprised you didn't mention ^^ this in your video.

Anyways, great video Doug...keep up the great work.

Don’t you worry this gangster ver ( with small v) put your personal info online because of this video that made home naked ? 😃😂😀


very good information for newbie like me. thanks :)

Entertaining and informative; vintage Doug Polk.

I never knew about his Mt. Gox statement. What a gem.

Good point about him referring to Bitcoin as "Bitcoin Core". He's essentially making a projection. He's accusing other people of using a name that isn't the proper name because they want to imply something or whatever.. Seems exactly what he's doing.

And if anything, lengthening a name rather than shortening it is worse and far less likely to be done without a motive.

resteem and followed.

@thejohalfiles you are so right..we all have one way or the other made lots of mistakes which lead to our regrets...nice post @dougpolkcrypto

Please resteem this post if you find this interesting

OMFG, the MLK edit made me cry from pain of laughing.

really informative very nice keep it up,i follow you, kindly visit my post thanks.

Thanks for wasting my time.

Really great video. I always had the feeling that this guy is sketchy. Thanks for clearing up some stuff.

Great work Doug, love it. I did watch this on your tube, and upvoted this. Dont undertand this guy hehe

I was a fan of Roger

katy perry exposes crypto to 100 million people the link to the video seems to be broken

Maaaby a little bit like Michael Moore bringin up old G.W. old fines in order to paint a bad picture of him... with the fireworks I mean. Still, great as always.

Is this just me, or does anyone else really want to hate Doug Polk......but you just can't because he is actually telling it like it is while making entertaining videos? Doug, I really, really don't want to like you...at all, but I just can't help it. You win, Doug, you win.

Hey man, I'm a fan. Followed you here as well. Keep up the good work.


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Well Doug, criticizing someone for his or her past is a low bow IMO.

If you are calling out scammers and people in your videos, which is fine by the way (and you should do it), then call out the bad actors on both sides (Blockstream and co.).

Doug, why is your wallet almost zero? Your history doesn't show your rewards for these awesome posts? I'm confused.

Good video's as always! We have a site with a video section where you and boxmining are recommended hope you will like it!

Summary: Doug prefers Blockstream roadmap and criticizes Roger Ver for doxxing someone, selling his BTC for BCH, taking over reddit's r/btc forum, and generally being unpopular.

Wooow good amazing l like you

Thanks for another great vid! Should I sell my BCH?

OK, got it, nice posting. Roger Ver has some mental issues, and lies a lot.

Good to know and understand.

Time to stay away from Beee Cash

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