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For those who are not aware of this great crypto centric, community funded project, check out Bitcoin and Friends on youtube! It is a grass roots animated comedy series created by Uncle Chris (moniker).

The comedy is primarily satirical and esoteric to the crypto/bitcoin community and events surrounding it. If you are a fan of 'adultswim' style of animated comedy (Rick and Morty, Aqua Teen, Family Guy, etc.) you will get a kick out of this show. Even if you are not a viewer of these types of series, I feel anyone who is involved in the crypto sphere will at least appreciate the satire that is put forth.

Also for all of you talents out there, they are currently hiring for seemingly every type of position for such a project: writers, animators, illustrators, editors, marketers, etc. If you're interested head over to BTC and Friends to contact for more info.

Episode 2 is fully funded and to my knowledge has been produced. It should launch any day now, so keep an eye on their youtube channel.

Enjoy and have a great day!


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