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Note: All snapshots are taken from the site to make the viewer easy to understand.

Hello friends first of all thanks for all kind of support and love that I am getting from you and day to day growing on steemit platform hope all you are doing well and enjoying the steemit cool plateform.

Bitcoin is becoming favorite of all and you might have willing to get the free bitcoin if possible so today I am going to introduce you a free bitcoin faucet site where you can earn some satoshi of bitcoin every hour without any hard work.

You just need to sign up to the site and come every hour just claim the bitcoin and take rest. The site I am going to introduce is 100% real and paying site. I registered to this site a year ago but at that time I did not realize that bitcoin will grow this high and today I opened the site and found some satoshi of bitcoin there which I have claimed a year ago.

so let me share you this site with you so you can also earn from it.
The site I am taking about is "" you can copy the link and open it from chrome or any browser.
After you go to this link you can see the login dashboard as in the image.

Now you can see the 3 line on the top right corner. Click on that icon and you will see sign up bottom click on that you will see new window for creating new account now enter your email in the email section set a password in the section and you can see “your referrer” table you can leave that or enter my referrer code 6811083.

After then fill the captcha and you will be send a conformation email in you gmail account. Go to the link and conform your email and come back for sign in.

After you sign in to your account you will see the new dashboard which is your new account now roll to the bottom you can see the table like in the image and a roll bottom press on the roll bottom and the random number will be rolled like in the image.

You can compare the number in above given table or read the table there you can see what number will worth what amount of satoshi. If you roll 10000 you can earn 0.0296 BTC for free and if you roll between 9998 to 9999 you can win 0.00296. similarly you can see other reward on the table .

As you can see I rolled 03187 and earned 30 satoshi. After you claim the reward you will be than count down to next one hour. You can come back after hour and claim for BTC again.if you did this for at least 12 hour a day you can earn minimum of 360 satoshi. And if you roll the lucky number you can even earn 0.0296 BTC at once.


Here you can also play HI and LOW game where you can increase you earning by two times just in second. In the on the right top corner you can see “Multiply BTC” option . go to the option and you will be taken to the hi low game table.

There you can enter the amount you want to play and click on the HI or LOW bottom . you can see if you bet LOW and get the number less than 4750 your BTC will be doubled and if you bet HI and get the number higher than 5250 you will double your BTC but if you bet high and get low number than you will loss your earned BTC.

Hope you guys liked this content lets do it and see the result after 1 week how much do you earn. If you are satisfied with your earning than you can continue it or else leave it but atleast lets try who knows the luck.
If you feel difficult or want to know more about it please comment below if you really enjoy the earning or want to try this please upvote and help me grow.

Regard: @dontmiss
Cryptocurrency trader and photographer

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Thanku for sharing this with us.. and have u earned anything from this site?.. like i trust you as you have said that it is 100%real..and please provide link of this site in this comment... i want to give it a try..

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,yes it is true and I have earned from it but I played game and loss that but it pays 100%


oh ok thanku for replying..

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Bhai Kya ye info sahi hai hai.n app aur bhi kamyab ho steemit platform pr


Yes the info is true and give it a try

Thanks dear for sharing this information .. i will definitely checkout this website ..

Nd please dear do check out my profile ..

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Thanks for the update, the truth is that you can only exchange Time for such earnings. However, I wrote a detailed post on 2,200 ways to go about that.

See below if you've got the time.