The Struggle is Real But There is Reason For Hope - Jeff Berwick at The North American Bitcoin Conference

in bitcoin •  last year 

I just arrived home from the North American Bitcoin conference in Miami, you can check out my full speech by clicking the video below!

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Great confrence! Keep grinding it out until the world gets it hahaha


Let's hope the world does get it, rather quickly, hate seeing these crashes over and over in price! lol.


I agree. if we dont get it soon we are doomed DOOOOOMED!

Time to leverage the power of decentralization for humanity. If not bitcoin, it will be something else. It's important to not let authority replace this brand with a centralized equivalent such as Ripple.

I'm studying blockchain technology to try to improve the network and am leveraging my 20+ years of software dev to transition into this field. Many others are doing something similar.


Definitely a great position to leverage your knowledge. Add some finance basics and you should be set to make some good decisions!


We don’t want to trade the dollar for something of no improvement(centralization). What challenges will we face keeping the power away from centralization?

You might be interested in the bitcoin fork coming up bitcoin private.

holders of zclassic and bitcoin get a 1:1 ratio of bitcoin private
check out their twitter for updates and their reddit for information


You need both to get 1;1?


it is not about needing.
If you have 2 bitcoin and 23 zclassic you receive 25 bitcoin private
Each bitcoin and zclassic gets its own bitcoin private at a 1:1 ratio

Attack of the CryptoBots! Let's talk Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation - Bitcoin Ethereum litecoin -

Awesome speech! Decentralization is definitely the future for more balance in society. I have been amazed by the Steemit community and I hope we move forward together despite the challenge of institutions trying to get in and manipulate the market.


That would be awesome!


Yess, Great job as usual - Jeff kills it every time! #CrushingIt

what do you tell those people when they ask "how can we have roads?"?

Great speech man, good point about bitcoin being expensive and slow.


Yes, I really dislike that bitcoin is not fast and low cost to send

Too bad this was filmed with a toaster during and earthquake.


this must be one of those dishwasher they are spying with!

Like bitcoin make the Economy better

The $ will crash VERY soon - how funny it would be if they will blame BITCOIN! :)))))


That is morbidly funny :)

It was a nice conversation :)
I hope next time crypto money will rise

To be fair the government has been shut down since Friday and I didn't even know until I heard it on the radio today.

The Americans surprised by knowing what Jeff was talking about... & even agreed with him a couple of times.

Wow very nice post

Great talk! 👏 👏 👏

Would you please participate in the debate I opened?

Hopefully things can turn around.

See you at anarchapulco

Jeff berwick is tha man! The real deal! For open my eyes to whats going on in the world. The only thing i regret is not subscribing earlier to TDV NEWSLETTER. peace

i enjoy your post! thanks

yes crypto are the future of the world

Incredible, for me this is a progress and development in the future. Let us support all this with passion and all humility.

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I feel crypto is still fairly new territory for 99% of people. Getting into it now is still probably considered an early adopter. Of course the market will have pull backs as people cash out their profits but I feel the overall market is still in an upwards trend and come March, we'll be seeing all time highs again!

Mantap !


Great post!! I just finished writing a post about the Bitcoin bubble, you might enjoy it. Check it out if you get the opportunity.

I love your speech,decentralization is the way to go

It is Great

Let the CIA and other government officials take notes. They can't stop us. 🤜🏻Central banks 🤛🏻

I love the juxtaposition of crypto-capitalism and non-state libertarianism - as an old school anarchist, it got really tiring to see the money constantly having the amplified voice while solidarity loving anarchists just kept writing, printing, and distributing pamphlets That guy who made the comment about this being filmed with a toaster during an earthquake deserves some love though - wit like that is becoming rare (and without vulgarity sexism or hatred to boot)

I hope we get to see freedom in my life time

I love how Jeff always keeps it real! #pioneers

Awesome speech and good conference