The Fate and Future of Bitcoin: The Bankster’s Battle for Control

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I recently did an interview with Vin Armani about all the latest news in the cryptocurrency space.

We covered a number of different things including what I believe the globalist banksters want to do to bitcoin.

I compare bitcoin to gold in the sense that the globalists in control don’t mind the existence of gold as long it remains just an asset and doesn’t compete with their fiat currency scam.

As many intelligent people have pointed out, it appears that the banking ‘elites’ are attempting to make bitcoin the digital gold of cryptocurrencies in that they want to make its network slow and expensive to make using it as digital cash for daily transactions impossible. It’s for this reason that Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and others have gained some traction as their transaction fees are much cheaper and the transaction times are much faster.

You will certainly also want to watch this interview in its entirety to stay updated on the latest news and events going on within the crypto space.

You can check it out here:


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I am thankful for being a TDV subscriber.
Thanks for making me 10 times richer Jeff.
Lets hook up brother for a work-out and/or meditation?
Be well...

Bitcoin of course is digital gold. And yes, Bitcoin will continue to rise to newer heights. Bitcoin won't end for awhile, or at all. It's gonna be the standard from which all other alt coins get pegged and compared to.

Without any fraction of doubt "Bitcoin" is the digital gold...Just like printing fiat currency depends on country's gold deposits, developing new crypto-curreny or launching an ICO is based on Bitcoin as reserve.... Buying any crypto-currency requires Bitcoin, there is still no crypto that can instantly convert from fiat to cryto-currency, Bitcoin is the only gateway to enter crypto world, so treat Bitcoin as store value not as instant payment gateway.


Not true. It may be true for USD in USA. But its otherwise not true. Both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash can be bought with fiat in various exchanges. And some other altcooins can be gotten with fiat too here and there.
Bitfinex is trading some 20+ cryptos for USD and Bithumb sells all its cryptos for Korean fiat. and the Norwegen exchange I use trades BTC, LTC and BCH and is working on offering more altcoins.
And Kraken trades various coins to both USD and EUR.


I used with USD from my debit card to buy Bitcoin Cash BCH.


Too bad Kraken reduced the trading of a few. It used to be possible to buy EOS with euro. Now it requires to first buy ETH or BTC to be able to buy another token. They argumented it was because they've noticed the option of trading euro directly with EOS wasn't much used but I found that very doubtful.


Coinbase sells BCH, LTC, and ETH as well as BTC. There aren't any ICO's as far as I know that are exclusively bitcoin. Most use ETH with many others using Waves. BTC doesn't really have any advantage anymore except first mover. And we know how well that advantage works out in the long term...


I also got Ethereum with my debit card using USD on


It is also not true in the USA Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium can all be purchased with fiat.

Great post!

rince and repeat, bitcoin goes up, then alts take their turn, over and over day best time to buy alts, around may best time to dump for a week or so before getting back into bitcoin for a few weeks, everytime


How many years have you been doing this?


long enough to know but not long enough to code

I will certainly be listening later. Tried to listen to on YT but the sound was bad on Jeff's end

But will BTC keep pumping or will alts catch up?


I think we are likely to get another bait and switch, BTC is up today in a familiar pattern with alts taking a back seat even Steem. We should expect this to play out as before and expect the whales to dump BTC and back into alts.


I hope the transition back to alts doesn't take too long. I'd be happy with BTC doing a yoy and not going parabolic just yet...

It is Bitcoins time to shine again, as most alts will dump

such a great

best regards @dollarvigilante all your bloggers. I really like. this is my blog, know I just learned in stee

good post,,
best information

What will happen when platoforms like USI tech blow up and now bitconnect

now people will be withdrawing quickly from the platform will the y also cash out on bitcoin

if the ponzi falls will the investors pull there bitcoin will we see a giant bitcoin crash thanks to bitconnect and usi tech

Informasi yang sangat luar biasa bagus dalam postingan ini, membuat saya tertarik untuk belajar bermain bitcoin. Mohon bantuannya pak, dan terlebih saya belum bagitu memahami bitcoin dan steemit, tolong melihat sesekali postingan saya. @dollarvigilante

Ryse of a new sun,Light of a new fyture for bitcoin and steemit

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You shouldn't ask people to follow you. It is commonly viewed as spam and likely to get downvoted. It's best to just make good comments and people will decide if they like what you have to say they might follow you. Begging for votes and followers is seen as annoying. It will most likely backfire.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Always great info from you, will take my time and listen closely, crypto will get very interesting in 2018 and I predict the summer time this year will be heated in crypto! Thx again

Thank you for all you do sir.

Something else dropped a few weeks back but I just got around to watching it. Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante (@dollarvigilante) explained how he sees an inevitable hyperinflation coming and speculated on how the banksters might use it to usher in their own new system of control. All these things together compelled me to write this. There is a collective conversation happening and I want to add my own thoughts to it.

I'm not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet. I’m probably a bit more paranoid than some. I do see the signs of a possible fiat hyperinflation situation happening with the USD. Whether that is planned by the Banksters with their scapegoat target being crypto, or some kind of Real Value vs Faux Printed “Value” Economic Cold War 2.0, I don't know. Even if neither of those scenarios happen what would a strategy be for massive onboarding into a safe community of crypto in a very chaotic world look like? Imagine the potential of millions of people waking up, they start looking for help, and guess what - help is there. Not in the form of some power hungry oppressive government, but people who have it together. People who have the answers, or at least some answers. Imagine if you will, a community prepared for the worst with answers to such things as access to the internet and funds on the internet, as well access to a jobs market that pays in a digital currency that is not inflating like their current fiat is or is inflating at a specific known rate. Maybe a local level of self-governance like I wrote about above that is paid from a Dash style budget pool. I don’t know the details, but do you start to see the picture?



That's a great post one. Thanks a lot for sharing and discuss about bitcoin ..Carry o my friend.

Continue your creativity ...Best of luck...


о да отличный пост



Another test for Bitcoin.

Bankster pumping and dumping XRP!
Another bitcoin cash history

It's certainly an interesting time in crypto, and although I have every confidence that BTC will continue to grow, the slow transaction times and high fees have been annoying a large section of the community.

seems like i cant hear your side.

Thanks for your opinion

The banksters are trying their best to keep gold, silver and cryptos in the shadows, but they're failing.

The battel just started let us see what will happend in near future either it drown everyone or will pick them up to the sky limits.The thing which needed is get ready for everything up or down stay calm and focus.

Great information! Still researching crypto. Appreciate your posts

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Hi Jeff! @dollarvigilante I have been watching you on YouTube for a while now, love your stuff! Do you really think Steemit could give Facebook a run for its money in the coming years? I have a good feeling about it, I’m loving this new crypto world and learning all about Blockchain technology. Trading alts on Binance, Bittrex and cryptopia, your videos always are very realistic and informative. Thank you for your input and I look forward to following you on here! My account just got approved a few hours ago! Finally!! :)

Jeff, gold and silver are up nicely this year, moderate advancement

thank you fro your great article , thanks for the informations

Thank you again @dollarvigilante,
the fight continues and nothing is totally acquired.

It's exactly that

We must wait for the real power to start destroying the crypto-world before knowing what will happen.
Do some people sometimes imagine that this whole blockchain and bitcoin mania system was put in place by the top leaders under the guise of anarchy... Just one idea.
Take care


why have you taken down the video @dollarvigilante?

Bitcoin was the first and the one most people know, but in terms of technology and future is not the best.

좋은정보 감사

The best advice I give to crypto enthusiasts is this: don't rely on any one cryptocurrency as the real deal. Diversify so that if anything happens to one, you can fall back on the others.

I think that through the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies the world is changing for the better the "elites" who are still controlling the World are fighting their last battle, but the paradigm is bound to change and progressively the peoples of the earth will recover their sovereignty.

Spot on with the assessment that the global bankers don't want their scam that is the fiat money system to be broken, otherwise we wouldn't be eternal slaves to these "people". Are they even people?

Hoping I got out of the matrix in time and can rid myself of my student debt so I can live freely!

Steem on.

Great post!

Great Post!

dollarvigilante!! Thank you, your Post.

@dollarvigilante another great post. You are a big part of the steemit community and I thank you. I invite you to stop by as I am doing a contest to help the homeless. I aim to better the Steemit community and local communities. All help is appreciated.

Thanks again Jeff. Now will be working on to find the tipping point to sell all the Bitcoin Segwit (don't want to call it Core cos Core did mean many past great contributors collectively as well). With the looming further mining hashrate decreasing due to China government weeding out low priced electricity for miners, that could be one event to watch.

Nailed it

Invest in LTC let's make a digital version of silver!

I love the fact that so many are prospering with BitCoin & cryptos in general. However, I'm not in BitCoin for gaining fiat but the principals behinds it's creation. Central banks operating on a fractional reserve with a fiat currency is the cornerstone of the evil power we are resisting. Remove it & they can not retain power or relivance. All of their wicked machinations evaporate. BitCoin/crypto...the tool with which the people of the world will break the chains of the state.

dear The Dollar Vigilante
You simply just rock.

I'm damm sure bitcoin price will fall drastically this year!!! Many stock brokers predicted it!!!

Thanks for the post.... as usual your words are very interesting