The Bitcoin Price Surge, China, Jamie Dimon: Interview With Luke Rudkowski Of We Are Change

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As usual, a few days can change everything in the cryptocurrency space.

A few days ago many were panicking as the cryptocurrencies crashed after news out of China came out and Jamie Demon of JP Morgan called bitcoin a “fraud” and said he’d fire anyone at JP Morgan who traded bitcoin.

Well, the Chinese news seems to have been mostly priced into the value of the cryptos and it didn’t fall too much further after the news had been widely disseminated.

And… it turns out that “coincidentally” JP Morgan was buying up massive amounts of bitcoin in European markets as their CEO was calling it a fraud!

Bitcoin has since surged over $1100 dollars off its short term lows!

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change flew to Anarchapulco to interview me on bitcoin and we discuss China, JP Morgan and how bitcoin will destroy governments and central banks and how it isn’t a globalist creation here:

In the next few days we’ll be releasing the September issue of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter where we’ll talk about where the cryptocurrencies are going from here as well as our investments in gold mining stocks and shorting the US dollar and stock market.

You can get access to that by clicking HERE.

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Jamie Dimon is a fraud...JP morgan was driving the price down then buying it back for cheap..Thats why i hate big corporations and banks..Can we be fully decentralised if we have big corporations being able to do this...

It's all part of the game. Someone's lose is someone else's gain.

Totally agree with you :) when price price was 2900+ they buy a lot :)
People don't sell in panic ever ;)

Agreed & up voted.

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I believe the day will come when big banks will become irrelevant. Remember, "Bitcoin Don't Care." This day is not too far off. It's obvious they are currently scrambling and full of fear. We just need to sit back and enjoy watching them sweat.

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I agree with you. But it does give you a great time to buy in. When the masses PANIC, you'll PROFIT.

Couldnt agree more, although they did help me buy a little something at that low price.

You have to admire one thing...if he was to do the same to a stock (disparaging remarks to lower the price and then purchase it), he would be in jail. Instead, he does it to Bitcoin and gets away with it. Maybe, be right thing to do is generate mass amounts of positive content, along with content showing how he uses his words to lower the price and buy, each time he says something bad about the industry. The guy has guts!

BTW, I am not condoning anything he did. In fact, I am am not a fan of JP Morgan - very questionable business ethics.

Dimon in trouble...Justice is served...

Apa yg kalian wawancarakan,,, apakah itu sebuah berita atau


Something to know about cryto bitcoin is there always change by time to time. Good news for us to read this article. As reference to our experience forward. Thank you

Well I'm a newbie here but it didn't take much time for me realize how comments in Steemit are "inclined to be supportive"... that very nice and all but really makes me wonder their sincerity

It's all part of the big plan. Big fish always gain with influence. Best being do your homework before taking any step in panic situations.

Moon time soon ;)

The surge was no surprise. Because China, without any four is one of the main influencers of not only Bitcoin but the whole crypyomarket. So closing of exchanges was sure to drop the prices.

The surge was no surprise. Because China, without any four is one of the main influencers of not only Bitcoin but the whole crypyomarket. So closing of exchanges was sure to drop the prices.

Definitely found the whole market deeply amusing. I suppose this is the problem that arises when people with little experience or knowledge starting coming wholesale into the market without preparing and studying beforehand. If they had, there'd have been far less panic.

JP Morgan... shudders* I hope they die, none of these large banking congolemerates should be allowed in, the crypto sphere could soon be the only way these banks survive the new crash they've been leading us too.

If anyone wan'ts to say that we aren't going to experience a recession, let me remind you that every decade since we've embraced far more destructive open market policies we've seen a recession, we're in time for one now.

The day has come. They are running scared, their days are numbered.

If the banking cartels weren't allowed in then BTC "likely" wouldn't have traded thru $4000 in the first place. The problem you are going to have is the next move down that takes BTC to $2K or less. Anyone who paid $4k+ will be "gone forever" when that happens. Bitcoin (and cryptos in general) needs more fans, sheeple, and lemmings...not less interested parties.

3:50 - 6:45 is something I wish more people touched on. Many do not seem to understand this.

Hey sorry this is irrelevant to this post. But where can I find your 4 part seminar and is the $50 in btc still an opprtunity. A friend told me about it but I can't find! Shameless self vote so you will possibly see this or if anyone can help.

you are the one who deserve

Go to The Dollar Vigilante website and subscribe for the newsletter. The 4-part video series is there.
However I'm not sure how to 'claim' the $50 in BTC for subscribing. I want to subscribe too so hopefully @jeffberwick sees this. Cheers

Is it wise to buy U.S. Pocket Change before it's Reset...???

... ...$7.77 ... ...1 Vote ... ... .... Reset

I knew there was some ulterior motive to Jamie Dimon's statement. All bankers are two faced.

Would you trust the word of a billionaire banker who has already ruined many people financially? Ironically his company sold my students loans to another company.... hrm maybe something like a student loan bubble is forming and they are trying to protect their asses?

Nothing good can come from centralized banking- it is a slow and painful death to experience right now in the US. The economy is slowing and the dollar is becoming worthless. Every time we get a raise the prices of everything around us goes up even higher!

Trump talking about eliminating the debt ceiling? FML...

Yep, there's alot of troubling words getting thrown about in the UK on car loans, I've no doubt some of the risk and uncertanity in student loans is also cropping up now.

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Looking forward to the September Issue Jeff!

great post Jeff

The level of greed is real. Im sure China has similar goals.

I think @dollarvigilante that everything will return to normal in the near future and the markets will recover to their previous levels, but for now there is another wave of whales to kick out the minnows :)

Good information Thanks!

I believed there is financial politics also. Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorgan as he declared that Bitcoin is Fraud, His staff had meeting also with Etherium Enterprise Members (EEA) this group is pushing Etherium to overtake bitcoin. But I think they are late already although Etherium is #2 it takes many years to overtake Bitcoin. Crypto-currencies are the hottest investment right now which I believed JPMorgan wants to dominate because of fast movement or uptrend from 2010 to present. But as John McAppe (MGT Capital CEO)discusses that He predicted that Bitcoin will hit $500K with the next 5 yrs and he said therefore no central banks of government can stop crypto-currencies. He said that if the Government will stop they will use huge resources so John McAppe advises that Governement it's better to tax than rather to stop it's better to capitalize the crypto-currencies to tax and raise more money to use for infra-projects and that's the wise move. China I believed that they are stopping ICO and Bitcoin Exchange only Temporary due to Communist Party meeting on 15 Oct. 2017. the Political Leaders are connected with Chinese Billionaires who involve in Crypto and Chinese Gov't will approve again ICO and Bitcoin Exchange after 15 Oct.

Love your work Jeff


Jamie Demon is getting too much attention. When will these ¨Official¨ fraude-professionals shut up ??


Just like every dip over the past 2 years. Just another opportunity to buy. as some one who's made a lot of money with bitcoin I'm just going to keep playing the game. even if I loose every thing I have right now I'm still ahead. its kind of like educated gambling ❤️

Very important news, I also have bitcoin and poloniex account, a little panic when hearing crypto will decrease and so forth. @dollarvigilante

Great to get this into perspective. When/if the central banks and governments fall, how much easier it will be to do anything and everything. When people realise black law is nothing but a way to extort and imprison, and governments are just parasites impeding the progress of mankind. When people realise every war is/was a bankers war and no sane person would participate. Without a psychopathic scarcity system, fear and intimidation there is no reason for them. Sure there will be problems but we won't have to pay extortion money to someone who has no skills to solve the problem and no red tape. Government is so corrupt now it doesn't even solve problems because then there is no need for their existence.

This is awesome! @dollarvigilante Love it.

Trump talking about eliminating the debt ceiling?

Good post /

Surely bitcoin will effect the banks but you can not ban on it because it is the person decision who will invest in bitcoin or not.
Nice post @dollarvigilante

After all the scandals with restrictions on crypto currency in China, Bitcoin collapsed below $ 3000 and seems to have found a bottom. As expected, as soon as the verse information background, Bitcoin began to grow again. Despite the fact that the scale of the fall of Bitcoin proves that the fears of monetary authorities regarding crypto currency are quite justified. It is about their use for laundering proceeds from crime. After all, it was worthwhile to introduce only insignificant restrictions, as the price rushed swiftly downward. It's more like a getaway. And all sorts of criminals are able to run away very quickly, especially in the financial sphere. However, the belief in crypto currency is still very strong, and if in the near future the information background will not again become negative, the price will continue to go up.

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good man


bitcoin has new trending in market plenty of peoples want to know about bitcoin some of them only know about this thing

Très bon article. Merci Cordialement

Bitcoin is at some level below the level. How much is value crypto

What a surprise - not. Jamie Dimon wouldn't recognise integrity if it walked up and spit in his soulless eye... 😒

JP bought the freaking dip LOL

See you all on the moooooon!!!

No Kidding!!

At least we still have hope in bitcoin.

The real fraud is the US dollar and all other fiat currencies, printing money has a cost which goes beyond the value of the banknote itself, so 1$ could technically worth 1,03$ to produce. The ponzi scheme will collapse

Bitcoin has become like oxygen.....u may stop breathing it maybe for a few secs ......but eventually ...u have to accept it...thats what evolution is all about....thats what nature demands....

Absolutely. The shift is happening, adapt or die.

Wow you look a lot younger by dying your hair. Pretty cool

I dunno, to me he looks like a guy in his mid 50's who experimented with Just For Men for the first time.:-)

Nicee post .



Throughout the news comming out of china and then JPMorgan statement it was a buying opportunity for any investor to add to there position. I always try and turn negative into positive.

Very good and important what you post,, thank @dollarvigilante

In this case there is a possibility that the report said "exaggeratedly," and J. P. Morgan may have just purchased a cheaper BTC.
If it is really a position talk, I think the negative image is immeasurable.

Excellent as always. Bitcoin and Gold is the way to go!

It's a cold ware actually against the cryptomoney and i think it will be more offensif in the future !

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Very interesting thank you, although I don't own bitcoins as yet. This story sounds like yesterday's one in my local evening newspaper the Evening Standard in London, wherein a senior HSBC executive is being charged with a somewhat similar case . His large client wanted to buy sterling (billions of them) but wanted the trade done in secrecy. It is alleged that said executive ahead of time told his team to buy up lots of sterling before they sold it back to the client. That's what they say anyway. For some weird reason we don't expect this, but why not? Sadly corruption is rife everywhere. No wonder I'm on a mission to get Ethics into Data!

agreed! China has no sense about the price =)))

Jamie Dimon is a fraud...JP morgan was driving the price down then buying it back for cheap..Thats why i hate big corporations and banks..Can we be fully decentralised if we have big corporations being able to do this...

Thanks for this post - on a lighter side, my one son who is in the U.K. is in contact with his brother here in the Cape and with all that has been happening in China, they were phoning each other several times a day, - it reached a point when my daughter in law sent a message to my son in the UK to ask him how was her husband !!!! lol.

Big corporations and banks be hatin on BTC because it is the future and they know it and just can't accept it!!

Jeff - nice hair color!

Maybe it is correct to be "greedy where others are fearful and be fearful where others are greedy" in crypto space.

Agreed and upvoted.

i did have the chance to buy it for, but i didn't, regret it so much

Its funny how Jamie Dimon is calling Bitcoin a fraud when he himself had come up with an idea for a crytocurrency but Bitcoin beat him to the punch.
At the end of the day JP Morgan was trying to crash Bitcoin so they could buy it cheap. This just goes to show how the masses want decentralization but big brother is always trying to control everything! How do we get decentralized when big corporations are able to do this?

In short. The empire strikes back.

nice bro

JD, you are doing it wrong!

Looking for a dip?

Thanks dollar Vigilante ! An article on how the world will look like if Bitcoin succeeds would be very interesting.

It should not matter what others think as long as the crypto community stayed together, we should be stronger and not just sell because a guy like Jamie Dimon said it is bad business, we must believe in crypto and never surrender that is the only way we will be able to decentralise everything.

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These sharp drops are always a nice correction to what seems like a bubble market. The market may be volatile for the upcoming weeks but we've seen this before and these discount coins will be looking nice in a month or so.

Do you know there is Another Decentralized Platfrom caller PayperEX or PAyperbitcoin

Very informative post, thanks for such sharing.

Yeah, I totally agree with you @dollarvigilante. But I will say something that is all about game. Someone's lose is someone else's gain.


Yes its funny but youre right the price drop was already tied into the news when it came out.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how Jeff's/TDV's videos get such a high $ value within just a couple of hours of posting? It's crazy good! Nice work Jeff!

Nice post..............

That was such a pussy move that JP Morgan used; that demon claimed bitcoin is a fraud meanwhile they are buying it left, right and center. So devious.Looking forward to seeing the amount of freedom cryptos will unleash on us. Cheers to that sweet freedom :)

Smart people would have graps this oppourtunity and increased their stock.

Give me bitcoin.. please

Thank you dear and I, in turn, will help all those who interact with me @bakabou159704

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Another awesome video.

Steemit is full of crypto experts with $250 in their wallets - I pay attention to you and make thousands! - many thanks.

I know it may all come crashing down, but if it does I'll just be back where I started - with a lot less $ than I have now!

Cryptocurrencies definitely need to become more user friendly and more vendors need to start accepting them as payment. I think those are the two greatest obstacles that need to be overcome in order for the shift from fiat to happen.

In this new Crypto Financial World... The uneducated are royally going to get slaughtered!!!!! Now while Jamie Dimon won't get slaughtered even though he is condescending , he will suffer the impact of public humiliation which also he won't care about. So How do we win? JUST keep buying Bitcoin, it's that simple!

Insults won't bother Jamie Dimon, The guy is a Billionaire, he doesn't care what he says when he says it. He just is living his life. So lets forget him and live our life by getting more Bitcoins!!!!

Karma makes me sleep at night knowing Jamie Demon is going to Hell.

I am looking forward to the September issue of the dollar vigilante newsletter.
I highly recommend it. Great read every time.

Can wait for the Convention, maybe consider doing it twice a year??? will be there in November looking for a house to rent!
Can you send me any realestate links Jeff, Josh or Nathan? thanks.

Luke! how's it going bra?

Actually bitcoin is a on kind of aset.

Heeey, I'm one month old now! Its cool!! Yaaay, everyone have a good day ;

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Do you want to see real money scams from the federal reserve. Watch this video. I was shock to know that discovery channel actually prod cast such a documentary.
You have to wach it on YouTube... sorry

Love your work.

Yo! Miss Clairol...I mean, Jeff. Love the new look. And it is good to see you had enuff Just For Menleft in the bottle to do the beard too. I told everyone you would be the next Peter Schiff in my spew here at steemit.

Schiff also went thru a phase where he had to change his "look" to suit his own ego...just like you. Here he is with big titty Liz. He's now back to being "himself."

Changing his look still didn't save him from being a dummass so I must admit...I like your call to buy gold here recently at $1350+...and here's "hoping" you don't have to go back to be old n grey looking...and "suicidal." Spekkin of that there...I would imagine anyone who took your advice to buy EOS at 1.85 might be feeling suicidal right now. I like the way you have gone "silent" on EOS, Jeffey boi.

Lol kek

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Please please write about the usage of bitcoin. What can you buy , where.
Promote the usage. Whiteout that there is no sense to all

Bitcoin is a Fraud and a bubble said the Mortgage lender to the Geeks...ya gota see the Irony.

I'm afraid for the 30th September, day when China will close all of its exchange platform. I think the price will go down till 3.500$, then will be a correction period till the first half of October, then the Bitcoin will raise till 5000$ for the end of the year!

Real Honey Badger