Bitcoin Mining Banned in the USSA

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Plattsburgh, NY just became the first US city to outlaw Bitcoin mining. Want to let them know what you think? Call the Mayor's office at 518-563-7701 or email: [email protected]

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they seem to need a regulation to extort cryptos from tax slaves

You are probably right!

There will always be other places to mine. It will be an impossible task for global enforcement to target mining operations based on electricity usage.

Good luck NYPD. I am not holding my breath for the death of crypto mining.

The USSA is hilarious

Bitcoin don`t care!

Apparently, it takes a lot of electrical power to mine cryptos. They can police it by watching electric meters.

what a bunch of losers

How do they intend to police it? And is it bitcoin or other cryptos as well!!

Better mine STEEM 😉

I’m not sure how you would go about proving that a crypto mining operation is taking place. I mean, it’s easy to target the large power farms… but that will lead them to simply hide their miners behind walls. Those would require warrants from the city to verify the reason for their power surge, and there are many different things they could do to hide their activity.

As for individuals with miners in their homes? I don’t think it’s possible to prove without getting a warrant and physically making sure their computers are not running mining algorithms.

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IT's not a tragedy ... for small people who mining at home, how do you want to BAN it ? ... maybe big whales who pays for electricity thousands dolars can be find and ban... and honestly i am not going to regret them ..

Just one more reason not to visit NY. No problem for me.

I just read the article and the reason they want to ban mining is because the community enjoys a alloted amount of electricity at favorable rate. I guess it's like going over your data cap, you pay a surcharge, and the community doesn't want to subsidize someone else's overage charges.

what about if you have your own solar? Or you pay a penalty or whatever- but banning? sounds extreme.

I would only agree to you using your average a lotted amount and then you you supply your own power generation for anything over that. Let's face it, they were there for the cheap electricity and a good thing ran out. There is no free lunch, I guess that's what will make or break the cryptos.

Bitcoin has small trace amounts of child porn written into the blockchain. I think we may be doomed. Anyone know about this?

Good question.

I am sure Chinese bitcoin miners care.

Thanks dear for sharing bitcoin news


It's stuff like this that would make me up and leave.

That is not good... why the heck they are banning Bitcoin mining? To save the enviornment perhaps? 0_o

Mine Ethereum then.

they can't ban Bitcoin Mining in any place in the world because bitcoin Mining and crypto currency have no any conexion with gouvernement , so this gouvenment can't stop they can't control them , the only way too stop crypto currency s by cutting off the interent

Ha! That's PhUcKiN' hilarious....... really? They act like CrYpTo's are crack. They're just pissed cause they can't figure out how to get their massive usual slice of the pie.......... typical. Glad I don't live in NEW YORK, not that I would. I suppose eventually they'll be taxing the very air that we breathe.

bad news tnx for sharing


Man, that's weird.

The country of freedom what a joke.

let me guess.... global warming? or, excuse me, climate change?

Wow! Outlawing it?? Is it like a drug or something!! I cant stand politicians! Thanks for the update!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Our rulers rule our minds first, then they give us their money.

We make them obsolete by manifesting true knowledge and true money, knowledge of freedom and 'freedom' money.


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As someone else stated in the comments, Plattsburg get's an allotment of cheap hydro electricity. If they go over that amount, they have to pay higher market rates. Everyone's rates will go higher due to the miners going there due to cheap electricity. It's not always about evil government.

It takes a warehouse to be a successful miner in bitcoin anymore. Plattsburgh's not too far away from me. I don't see the point of such regulation. Pretty sure no significant mining is happening there anyway. Electricity is very expensive in NYS because of all the taxes.

USA is so tyrannical, amazing.