Mass Adoption: Major Retailers Accept Crypto [VIDEO]

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As we at The Dollar Vigilante expected, Trump’s pathetic attempt to cover up a failure in trade policy sent the US stock market crashing earlier this week.

As TDV Senior Analyst Edmond Bugos succinctly explained, “Any half-assed economist knows that free trade is better for both sides, and that protectionism does not add to wealth.”

But, but... CHINA!

Yes, China just announced it will raise tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods beginning June 1, in retaliation to President Cheeto’s latest decision to tax Americans more for purchasing products made in China.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has skyrocketed, up 60% in value over the last 30 days, with many cryptocurrencies seeing similar gains in recent weeks.


The best part is, crypto is finally breaking into the mainstream, with major retailers like Starbucks, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and others now accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and more.

Critics have long challenged the legitimacy of this new money by asking valid questions like, “Can I go purchase a coffee with it?”

To think back to the hassle I dealt with just last year, when buying my wife a ring priced higher than the spending limit on any of my credit cards, I remember telling the associate, “This would be so easy if you guys just accepted bitcoin.”

Well… it’s happening! My most recent vlog covers all of this exciting and important news in detail.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Old money like Warren Buffett and Jamie Demon are sweating bullets.

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We rising for sure I've had loads of people asking about it keep saying why didn't you listen 6months a year ago 💯🐒

Yea. Let crypto gradually continue taking over the world

It would be really nice to see Steem on there, which has the best qualities of any crypto for "beer and groceries" type purchases. It is among the fastest, has zero fees and also probably the most capacity.

Dji raised their prices... Yeah... Maybe I should have bought an American drone

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