How To Prepare For The Financial Collapse [VIDEO]

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It’s a sinking ship, and there’s no salvaging it.

From artificially low interest rates to endless money-printing, the US economy is as good as the Titanic.

Even that disaster, like most things, wasn’t what they told you in the news, Hollywood movies, or the government indoctrination camps called school. The Titanic was actually the Olympus and was an insurance fraud instigated by JP Morgan in which numerous objectors to the Federal Reserve System were assassinated.

But, that’s a whole other story.

As I’ve been warning TDV members, the coming dollar collapse is a matter of when, not if.

Even if the central planners could somehow manage to keep total control of the monetary levers, they’ll still have to print tons of fiat money in order to just settle the interest payments on the ever-accelerating US government debt.

If what goes up must come down, how high can that debt keep rising?

In a recent conversation I had with Kerry Stevenson, organizer of the Precious Metals Investment Symposium, we discussed this looming cataclysm---and what you can do to survive it.

We also talked about how to use gold, silver, cryptocurrencies and more, as a form of insurance---there are so many ways to intelligently diversify your savings, and the best investments will vary depending on the nature of the crash.

You Can Watch the Full Interview Here:

Some of us have known for years about the dollar’s inevitable destruction---many have taken heed, and thrived because of it.

Still, others are content to plug their ears, cover their eyes, and pretend everything is fine. The Paul Krugman’s of the world are doing just that as their sheep blindly follow.

All is well: in the meantime, we’ll continue to encourage successful strategies while Krugman keeps calling us a “cult.”

In October, I’ll be speaking at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Perth, Australia. For the first time ever at this conference, they’ll also be having a full day on cryptocurrency. I’ll be presenting at both the precious metals and the cryptocurrency events. You can save 10% off the ticket price by using the code VIGILANTE at their website.


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Monster boxes stacked & secure.

Thank you, Jeff, Kerry Stevenson and DollarVigilant for bringing on Kerry Stevenson. Thanks, Kerry Stevenson for sharing information.

Gotta give you props Jeff, if it weren't for you I wouldn't have joined Steemit when I did. It has been an amazing journey and I have been able to help grow our community by getting friends and family to join as well. Altogether I have gotten nearly two dozen people to sign up here :-D!

Anyways I have always been a huge fan of Silver bullion and now is a GREAT time to pick up precious metals.

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I am already prepared thanks

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Good to see you are still out there advocating self reliance and freedom seeking for all of us.

Great information Jeff! Than you.

Bitcoin boom is coming just wait ETF approvel

Watching Jeff Berwick and Dollar Vigilante stuff literally makes me happy :)

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