HODLing Bitcoin From One Natural Disaster To The Next

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Those who follow me on Facebook know that I reported live this week from Hurricane Max in Acapulco, which luckily just missed our area, as opposed to four years ago today where a tropical storm wiped out some local towns and our anarchist rescue team helped in the recovery.

I then arrived yesterday in Mexico City just in time to live stream the 7.1 earthquake that hit the area. (*Note: I spent the evening with Jose Rodriguez of Bitso.com who had been helping the recovery all day and has started a fundraiser to help people in Mexico City HERE.)

Damage at the airport wasn’t bad but most flights were cancelled and I ended up scouring the airport like a vagrant for hours looking for my bag and then searching the entire city for the one remaining hotel room… which the damned price gougers had at $2,000 US for the night… albeit it was the Presidential Suite at the St. Regis. Thank you, by the way, price gougers.

As I write now I am finally on my connecting flight through to Houston, then Denver, then Aspen for the Nexus conference.

Before leaving Anarchapulco, though, I did an interview with the Silver Doctors about bitcoin where we talked about the Chinese fiasco... namely that the Chinese government threatened to kidnap or kill anyone operating a bitcoin exchange within their arbitrary, illusionary sphere of extortion. If I haven’t said it before, let me say now, f**k you, Chinese government.

In any case, as I pointed out, this will essentially prove to be futile in the grand scheme of the cryptocurrency market. All that the Chinese government can do is threaten its citizens with violence to scare them into closing down major exchanges in the mainland.

This will result in forcing existing mainland exchanges to move their operations elsewhere to places like Hong Kong and Singapore. And, eventually, into decentralized exchanges which exist exactly nowhere… try threatening code, government!

As I have said in the past, it is impossible to end bitcoin with a government decree. Bitcoin don’t care, it’s the honey badger of currencies and is based on emotionless mathematical equations. Exchanges, which are centralized, can fear the boot of government stomping down on their faces, but the bitcoin blockchain knows no fear.

Check out the full interview here which goes into further depth about these aforementioned points.

Hopefully there aren’t too many more natural disasters in my near future… but we are nearing September 23rd, which many speculate will have a major event… and today is actually the end of the Jubilee year… if it is this year.

Not to mention the Mexico City earthquake was exactly 32 years ago to the day from the major Earthquake that hit in 1985… and the number 32, reversed, is 23… which is a highly occult number. And the entire country of Mexico had an earthquake drill at 11am on the day of the earthquake… making one wonder… Globalist planned and caused via HAARP? Supernatural? Or all just coincidence?

We’ll just continue to pay attention to the signs and see what happens. Until then, keep calm and HODL bitcoin.

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Price gouging during natural disasters when people are loosing relatives and livelihoods just ain't right. Price gouging = 0 empathy. I think the airlines were also jacking up rates for certain flights in Florida ahead of Irma as well. That kind of opportunism is just disgusting.

Btw, I never really understood the whole "occult number" thing. And what is occult anyways? Something hidden from ordinary perception? Something evil - if there such a thing in the first place?

Price gouging literally saves lives while well-intentioned laws preventing it means goods go to lucky first-comers, meaning the worst for those who need it most, plus price signals don't tell the rest of the economy to shift activities toward relief efforts. You can't legislate away supply/demand any more than gravity. If dollar prices not allowed to move, time/rationing will, which is a far crueler response.

I didn't say gouging should be legislated away! Just saying that under extreme conditions, gouging isn't the right thing to do from a humanitarian/moral perspective. Not everything is numbers and statistics.

Price gouging due to actual scarcity (guy stores water bottles to flip because he lives in a hurricane zone) and price gouging due to enforced monopolism (State-mandated licenses to fly) are two different things, though.

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Hi dollarvigilante,
Thanks for the great content

Great advice..7.4 billion ppl in the world 16.578 million bitcoins...2.23 bitcoins per 1000 population. A fraction.

But everyone could be a Satoshi millionaire!

Hallo Jeff.. I still think its false to call yourself an anarchist if you live in a home registered in a country, sometimes use local currencies or fly with airlines that rely on statism and so on...

You can be a "messenger of anarchism" but not an anarchist if you still rely on any statism system, which you told yourself in this post that you do.

Anyway, I am a huge fan of anarcho capitalism and crypto currencies, it took me only mins in april of 2013, when I first saw bitcoin, to understand that was what the world of humans had been waiting for for ages...

So please dont get me wrong... but anarchists do no exists in todays world.. unless you live isolated in a forest and eat animals or steel a boat and live of fish you catch yourself.. then you can call yourself an anarchist... but almost no one does that.. maybe even no one, since most people like the comform of modern society..

About the exchanges.. yes then I also believe that decentralized xchanges are the way to go and bts is the best I have found after extensive testing of all kinds of crypto since 2013... so anyway Bitshares is the answer .. and they cant stop it... and it might be one of the best buys in these times.

I finally used the ledger / bitshares.org today for the first time, after hearing about it for years:

Good stuff.

This video pretty much explains if we are in a bubble or not

always hodl bitcoin!

Yes stack bitcoin, silver and gold!


Bad times will go away.
Always be happy :)

Little flag for selfupvoting.
I hope there will be times where i dont need to explain all.

bots are a bigger problem

My sources tell me to hodl Bitcoin as well. Let's all hodl together!


They see me HODLin', they hatin'

Seems like these days are getting worse and worse.
The next big event will be a bubble bust in the economy and another war.

Chinese government!!...its time we stopped doing business with them control freaks!

Taxation is Theft

Man you keep growing in my eyes, that a way to help people in trouble!
full country drill happened because they had other earthquake, and wanted to avoid casualties in case it strikes again, no conspiracy there

Of course, never backing down here!
Jeff, what do you think about AML bitcoin launching 1st october?
Banks might be able to manipulate the market cap of this, attracting big investors.
We enthusiasts know what crypto is but, what about common people? This could be a pain in the ass...curious to hear what you think about it

Like your point. Totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing!

The restrictive chinese government think they can control bitcoin and other cryptos. Their criminal mindsets lead them to force closure of all exchanges. Everything will soon backfire on them, they have now given bitcoin lots of popularity. Now watch this space and see the amazing growth coming for bitcoin and all cryptos :)

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Please be safe the HAARP giants are all over this year.

This is incredible! Love it. @dollarvigilante

Love that @dollarvigilante got his hands dirty and helped the disaster relief effort. Living the solution! Mad props, Mr. Berwick - your recent transformation has been a sight to behold.

"And the entire country of Mexico had an earthquake drill at 11am on the day of the earthquake… making one wonder… Globalist planned and caused via HAARP?" Answer:
Each year on September 19, cities across Mexico stage emergency disaster simulations and evacuations that bring people out in droves. The drill falls on the anniversary of an 8.0-magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico's capital in 1985, burying nearly 10,000 people amid its rubble.

So yes it IS just coincidence.

That doesn't necessarily prove it is a coincidence. But interesting info, thanks!

I agree with you, every year the earthquake of 1985 is commemorated here in CDMX, I live here, I know that, Thank you.

Of course that the Mexico eartquakes were caused via HAARP, it's a punishment for the approach of Mexico to the BRICS countries.

Hope Jerry is OK. Jerry YAH

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I heard about the eartquake, i really feel sorry for the lives lost that was so terrifying.
And about the bitcoin, i think it's only god that can stop bitcoin not even the governments has the power or right to do that


Excellent information sharing!
Recently update Bitcoin, ripple and some other currencies analysis report.

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@dollarvigilante - Nexus conference? Peter Schiff will also be there. Please, please, please, set that dude straight on crypto Jeff. I'd love to see a live debate!

I think the current situation of BTC is quite expensive.

I agree definably something is going to happen
Have had a lot of people asking about it

Hey, nice to see you here to, but i still rather hear you than have to read you ;)
I have 2 questions. 1st. What are your thoughts on Substratum the ico that closed last Sunday and 2nd. How do you see/value the pre sale of Stex

The 1st one i got in mainly for what it stands for, but also for the huge potential. And the 2nd just for the huge potential ;) (in my opinion)

Thanks for keeping us sharp and smart !

HODL through earthquakes, HODL through floods, HODL until we REACH THE STARS!


I dont think Bitcoin is going anywhere its here to stay, I mean its the easiest way to move value from one person to another, and I think most people who had no liking to it is beginning to see the light and truth in it. thats why the banks and goverments are freaking out now.

@dollarvigilante Number 8. in the top 10 best crypto channels online. Keep on preaching dude!

@dollarvigilante Really good post.

This is NOT the end! One chart says:
Now is NOT the time to take SELL actions but BUY actions as this chart shows:

thanks man !!!
still positive ?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @dollarvigilante. Thanks on your support towards Mexico! I am trying to collect some resources for the people in need by selling earthquake artwork, could you help me out by spreading the emergency call? Thanks in advance

Hi Jeff, glad your ok, how's the family and dogs handling things?
Erika, Nathan the gang all ok?
Did Aca get any damage?

32 years to the day from the major Earthquake that hit in Mexico in 1985…

  • Hmm and the number 32, reversed, is 23…? a highly occult number. I smell a rat;
  • The entire country of Mexico having a earthquake drill at the same time of the earthquake…? Hmm.
  • Globalist planned? most likely
  • HAARP? probably
    *Supernatural? could be
  • just coincidence? Not a chance!

BitCoin up up and up til 2147 or is it 2140 when the mining of BTC ends?

For as long as that earthquake lasted at full 7.0 Magnitude it had to be HARRP!

Earthquakes don't last that long.... Some on had their hand on the magnitude/volume of the HARRP device.

This could be a message/response to the Mexican Government to not back the Mexican Peso by Silver ounces.