Take The Red Pill - Jeff Berwick on Living Outside The Matrix

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Nigel Howitt for Lawful Rebel - Living Outside The Matrix Podcast. Topics include: the Matrix metaphor, the great scam, exiting the Matrix, government schools & medical system, money and happiness, inevitable financial collapse, cryptocurrencies, hidden inflation vs the tech boom, financial self protection, Bitcoin and it's price, mainstream liquidity crisis, what will happen to crypto in a financial collapse, the profound misunderstanding of anarcho-capitalism, state indoctrination, Keynesian vs Austrian economics, Anarchaportugal, Anarchapulco 2019

Original interview by Lawful Rebel:

The Lawful Rebel website: http://www.lawfulrebel.com

Economics in One Lesson free ebook: https://archive.org/details/HenryHazlittEconomicsInOneLesson

The Market For Liberty: https://mises.org/library/market-liberty

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
Anarchapulco 2019 tickets now available at: http://anarchapulco.com

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I'm myself an Anarcho-capitalist, but I have one doubt:

What if at least one of private defence agencies (for example - agency A) - which are an essential element of the Anarcho-capitalist concept - after aquiring right amount customers - by strictly voluntary/free market actions (by serving better services for lower cost) - would:

  • order its customers to pay more - under serious phisical penalty;
  • forbid them to use the help of other agencies - under serious phisical penalty;

Those actions will probably result in:

  • the deterrence of other customers
  • resistance from (enslaved) already "owned" customers
  • hostility from other security agencies - which will not normally be able to compete for (enslaved) clients of the "A" agency.

But what if ... the "A" agency will be able to overcome all of the above obstacles?


Then the agency A overcome all of the above obstacle. Who run agencies, for what?


Agencies are runned by their owners. Agencies - like every business - would be runned for profit. For some theoretical introduction to Anarcho-capitalism I suggest:


The great laws that have preceded money were much more friendly and darker, I really think agencies (not military) are just like, they seek for their usual dose of conspiracy theories or they are here to either and / or even both IDK, really fuck that shit, anyway, not seek for such videos but more intriguingly nice conspiracy which does not demand them to appeal to any (para-)military groups just like I bet they know most of most conspiracy, huh, "the greatest fool", really really badly not.

Now extrinsically, for sure a secret agency bring a lot of clean money, still and / or at least and / or nonetheless, most have either not too much time or too much money but independently to any of that shit, they seem to be paid well, near a high-class income yet they are so ill-taxed like most, and they buy so much shit that "go with it" that half of their time and money (related) is trowed away. Can't say that most are beginning to make more valued use of their time by efforts still, at least, as of now, as for example, the deep state, seem highly alienated / perturbed, I think probably at least until some joints of green vision knowledge and / or some kind of peace / salvation as many belief systems are as such. Anyway, there will come one day, with or without me, were humanity will no longer believe but will be and it would not surprise me that we will be all illuminated. #fuck-society #love-people


Then the agency
A overcome all of the
Above obstacle.

                 - primerz

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Great video. I like that he calls "taking the red pill" an ongoing process.

You deserve an upvote for this great share.

Great interview, the working frame theme, bring many interesting complementary workable information which is very appreciated.

If life really is kinda "bridged" to, for example, body and mind, living inside/outside can found other terminology in free occult books on the internet as on 8ch.net, which is by luck, very well recommended with the book "Designing freedom" by Stafford Beer.

Unstable peace is physically considered as chaos, as "reverse-entropy" lifeforms seek for order at the horizon of order and chaos holding the conditions for life, freedom doesn't exist in physics.

its amazing how correct you are. Many people don't realize how what we hear or see on tv alters our perception of what is real. North korea is a great example where their whole country, the media is controlled, so they only see and learn what NK government WANTS them to learn. The media alone can create a Matrix bubble, and what's worse is we swallow it up willingly.

Too informative from this post