Earning Money With Bitcoin Mining And Marketing

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Bitcoin has once again risen from the ashes and is currently trading above $4,600.

Combined with Bitcoin Cash, at $350, it stands yet again on the cusp of $5,000.

For those who have not yet gotten on the bitcoin bandwagon and are looking for ways to make money from this evolution I recently interviewed Joby Weeks of BitClub in Southern France.

In it, Joby explains how you can make money at levels higher than real estate brokers by getting others involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining with BitClub.

Also we had a chance to address some of the customer support backup issues that BitClub has been experiencing. Joby pointed out that they are hiring a larger support staff to fix these issues and is simply a result of exponential demand.

Joby also addressed the most common concerned about BitClub which is that, because of its structure is could be another “MLM Ponzi scheme” to which Joby explained that nearly every business in the world in structured as a pyramid. And how BitClub gets access to better deals on mining equipment and simply passes on those savings to those who are marketing the service.

And, for those who think that bitcoin may have a pullback, getting into mining now actually makes sense as you are essentially selling your bitcoin for mining equipment… so you’d be in a better position after a pullback and earning passive income while you do.

You can see the full conversation here:

Like with anything, do your own due diligence… but for those looking to profit from this evolution in money and banking, marketing BitClub can be very lucrative.

You need a “sponsor” to get involved with BitClub and you can do that by going to dollarvigilante.com/bitclub.

And, for Americans, like most things, they are not allowed to participate. But, should you wish to ignore the restrictions placed on you by corrupt bureaurats you just need to access Bitclub using a VPN which you can do by downloading the Opera browser and then following these instructions on how to set it up.

Joby Weeks, along with many of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency space will be speaking at the Cryptopulco portion of Anarchapulco this coming February. And, many of the biggest marketers for BitClub are expected to attend as well if you’d like to get more information in person.

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I have been a Bitclub member since 2014 and love it. I have focused on the mining side and have done very well.


Do you know why it would be saying 'NO SPONSOR' and not allowing signup when clicking his link?


Jeffs page is www.Bitclub.Network/tdv

MLMs, for anyone who doesn't already know, are also called pyramid schemes. Stay far, far away from anything like this, where you "buy in" and they offer you huge returns. The term "binary commissions" are a dead giveaway, where people are rewarded for bringing more people in...


The key to making these things work is in getting people to convince others to join. As long as new people are investing, and the influx is more than the commissions being paid, the scheme keeps going. As soon as there is more money going out than coming in, the whole thing closes up, and the last half of the people who joined just lost all their money.

The links that Jeff posted, where he can "sponsor" you, are how he makes money off of people joining (by putting them below him in the pyramid).

Research Links


Thank you @kennyskitchen for your post. Just recently a network marketing acquaintance of mine was canvassing on FB for people who want to join BitClub and earn $200 a day. I immediately googled Bitclub website and suspected it to be an "mlm ponzi scheme". The minimum investment is $500. I will re-visit the attached research links to read further.


You're very welcome. I know a lot of people who have been burned on a variety of these MLM schemes, and always try to help others avoid the same fate.


ya i too feel that it would be better to hold the bitcoins one purchased rather than putting in it here, plus i see that in 2020 the number of bitcoins per block will get reduced from the current 12.5 to 6.25.Also one wont get any fork coins for the one invested in bitclub, for eg if someone invested 1 BTC in bitclub when it was 500 per bitcoin, he lost the chance of getting 1 Bitcoin cash and the 2x coin coming next month.


I hadn't even really considered those parts of it, but that is definitely another important factor. Think about how much Bitcoin Cash people must have missed out on by having their BTC tied up in BitClub.


Any bitcoin that was in their wallets at the time of the fork doubled. Bitclub members have a bitcoin cash wallet in their back office. Bitclub mines Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. You shouldnt be so down on what you arent up on dude.


Cool, thanks for clearing that up, as I said it's not even something I had considered.

Can people pull out all their Bitcoin Cash, or is it 50/50 tied up too?


MLM is not always a ponzi but it is definitely hard to succeed getting in late and having dozens of levels already above you.


I can think of two that aren't: Young Living & doTERRA essential oil companies, and I'm sure that there are others, but the vast majority are scams... especially those that do not have a product capable of standing on its own without the "commissions" system.

Most of the people I know who have signed up with either of those EO companies have no interest in the commissions-side, and don't sign anyone up. They just take their wholesale discount on the oils they'd be using anyway, and call it good.


Thanks for the information and warning.


You're very welcome!


nice sharing on that .. ya need to be alert on that


Dude, your so wrong. sorry. this has been going strong since 2014 and still pays out every day. Its more about your limited view and personal issues/ skepticism that limits your ability to move forward. Bitcoin mining is very stable and very profitable. Duh. The Federal reserve is the real ponzi lol.


I have nothing limiting my ability to move forward, and have no vested interested for or against this thing. Your attempt to make this a personal thing doesn't work, I'm just warning people about pyramid schemes.

The people who get in early always make money on these things, thats why they keep happening. It's only the last half of people who join that always lose out, because they don't get commissions for bringing more people in.

Of course the IMF and all its central banks are ponzi schemes, your attempt at deflection also doesn't work.


Not all MLM are Ponzi schemes, but the percentage that is clearly runs north of 90% . This specific “opportunity” has SCAM written all over. The empty and ludicrously sleazy “explanation” of how all companies are a pyramid scheme by itself should keep anyone at bay but there are no limits to human stupidity. And this not so many years after Maddoff... Jeff B. clearly seems to have returned to his old ways...

Being free is needed, yes - but you cannot free everyone though bitcoin mining. Do you understand who works in the factories in Asia to make the mining rigs? Do you understand the child slave mines in Africa that produce some of the minerals used to create the hardware?
Real ethics requires the removal of rose lenses and an end of denial.

I'm a fan of the network marketing business model, but I'm not here to say that they're all great. Some are great and are a wonderful opportunity for people willing to work, but some are straight up scams.

If a company promises financial returns, run. There is absolutely no way that profits can be guaranteed unless you're an employee at a company. In a network marketing company, you're not considered an employee. You're an independent contractor that will only be paid commission off of your efforts.

Both traditional businesses and legit network marketing business have a pyramid structure. But the problem comes when we compare traditional businesses, legit network marketing businesses, and scam network marketing businesses. All three have money flowing up to the top of the pyramid structure. But in a traditional business and a legit network marketing business, value is flowing down. This value is in the form of a product or service. In a scam network marketing business, there is no value flowing down. There is no product or service in the business. If there is no value going down to the end consumer, it is a scam and therefore a pyramid scheme. A great way to know if a network marketing business is legitamite in the USA is if they make you sign the usual IRS commission paperwork (1099). This means that you're an legal independent contractor of that company and will need to pay taxes on your earnings. A scam business won't do this because they don't want the federal government to be involved.

There are many more things to look out for when you're apprached about a network marketing company. I have seen many bitcoin network marketing companies and they have all been illegal scams. I don't know if BitClub is one of those, but all I can say is to be careful. Do your research and know what to look for.


so many pozi schemes trying to take people's hard earned bitcoin. Scary to think rookies like myself have already be duped. I put a little into cloud mining and have some regrets right now as earnings are at a free fall.

Thanks for sharing. Quite helpful.

Haha - Love the moment the Satoshi White Paper was thrown at Peter Schiff - Thug Life! :)

So do they only allow mining bitcoin and bitcoin cash in this club or can we use the equipment to mine other cryptocurrencies as well?

I say,

Bitcoin never disappoints

Excellent video very informative. I love your work @dollarvigilante !

just had a question wont the future payout be affected once the number of bitcoins per block reduces

If it stays hovering around $4600 all week, I'll be thrilled to dump my savings into it. I want to get on the rocket before it hits 5K!
Just waiting on that funds transfer!


Hi vrrom...any luck with the fund transfer? I got in last night (Singapore Time) and checked this morning and i see the page down ....and it says page is UPGRADING????

No stopping it this time 10k very soon. 😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL week!

Interesting post. I will look into this further. Thanks

Wow, I look forward to a time when steem will compete with bitcoin in price value.

Great interview. Full 100% and resteemed :-)

One of the great post. Thank you for sharing.

There has been progress from the BTC at this time, many miners who already have a greater advantage than a few days ago. thank you for sharing good information @dollarvigilante 👍👍👍

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love the energy Joby exudes lol.
i'm not a fan of MLM but am intrigued by bitclub and will investigate more.
thanks guys!

Living in the USSA makes it difficult to take advantage of offers like this.

Bitclub Network site is UPGRADING??

Jeff, I clicked your link but it says NO SPONSOR and won't allow to sign up. Stange


Jeffs site is www.Bitclub.Network/tdv

Joby Weeks have been great in setting up mining rigs. I see a lot of my friends profiting from Bitclub and I was missing the boat now that BTC price has shoot to the star. Great interview !

I think is a way to 6k in 2 mounth.

New cloud mining !
Sign up now and receive 100 GH/s for free!


yes chackit out from the first day you get coins out , be carefull with invest plz , can close every day . but freeeee good luck

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

yes bitclub is a nice platform

What do you think about the 5000 USD recent break of Bitcoin?
Is that a psychological shift in the minds of the consumers or what is your opinion?

Is there anyone who is both miner and investor in cryptocurrencies? What would be your advice to someone who is thinking about trying mining instead of investing? Is it even worth it at the moment? (After doing research I made a conclusion that it's better to invest but I still, want to hear from the people who are experienced in both fields. )

Just for fun i bought 100,000 coins each in the .001 price range like Dogecoin, Bytecoin, Digital Note, Quazarcoin and the best so far has been the Fantom coin which is around 11 cents now. My main investing is in Ripple and Lisk plus some startups like Sparklecoin(Diamonds), Sandcoin(Land), Bitair(Travel), Nova and Narbonne(Banking). But always keep half that amount sitting in Bit, Lite and Ether.