Bitcoin Hits All-Time High and Smashes Through $5,000 As Gold Shows Continued Strength And The Rothschilds Get Out Of The Stock Market

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It feels like I am having financial Déjà vu as I write yet another blog about bitcoin hitting another all-time high! This one is kind of special though!

Our favorite currency just hit $5000 USD!

And Bitcoin Cash continues to trade above $600.

Meaning, if you owned bitcoin on August 1st and haven’t sold it yet, you now have a total value of over $5,600 of bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash!

And, 82.8% of people who own Bitcoin Cash after the August 1st fork have yet to sell their BCH.

On August 28th we wrote an article entitled “Cryptocurrencies Hit All-Time Highs, Gold Spikes Higher As Investors Flee The Stock Market” and in it we mentioned how the last ten weeks of US equity capital outflows which equated to roughly $30 billion coincided with a $47 billion capital inflow into the cryptocurrency markets.

And the precious metals continue to show strength with gold currently sitting at $1324 USD per ounce and $17.73 for gold and silver respectively.

In light of that fact, we got to thinking, what kind of capital movement is going on outside of the US stock market? It turns out, quite a bit in fact.

From Bloomberg:

“European equity funds suffered their biggest outflows in 26 weeks as a continuing rally in the euro heightened investor concerns over the region’s exporters.

Investors pulled $1.4 billion from the region’s stock funds, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said in a research report, citing EPFR Global data. That was the second consecutive week of outflows.”

It was just as we had suspected, investors are moving out of international stocks as well, which makes us wonder what they are expecting to happen? Do they foresee a large correction?

That the total market cap of cryptocurrencies sits at all-time highs around $178,134,988,499 gives us a clue that people are likely losing confidence in the fiat system and at the same time recognizing the crypto space as a great opportunity to both profit and protect themselves in the event of a crisis in fiat paper.

Getting back to the capital flight from the US specifically, we thought it was quite interesting to watch the moves the Rothschilds have been making of late.

They have begun moving out of US denominated assets as well. Specifically, RIT Capital Partners (The Rothschild Investment Trust) who sold off a significant portion of their S&P Global Inc. holdings - roughly $23 million worth to be more precise.

You can view RIT Capital Holdings here as well.

Another factor which is also likely to be adding to the increase in cryptocurrency investment is the fact that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and the US government are under pressure to raise the US debt ceiling, which really, they have little choice in the matter. They need to raise the ceiling if they want to fulfill all their fiscal obligations and continue to pay themselves.

Unless they want to put themselves out of work on purpose. HAHAHAHAHA.

Yeah, that isn’t going to happen… So...

Most investors believe that government will, of course, raise the debt ceiling which will then equate to more money printing which also translates to more debasement of the dollar and subsequent inflation - all of which is quite positive for the crypto bull since cryptocurrency is one of many ways to protect yourself from inflation.

Another contributing factor is that there is also renewed hope for the acceptance of a new bitcoin ETF.

Dalia Blass, a lawyer at Ropes & Gray - the firm who is representing the Winklevoss twins Bitcoin ETF case, is about to head up the SEC Division of Investment Management - which regulates, among other financial instruments, ETFs. What’s noteworthy, is that she has prompted excitement that a ‘proper’ (rather than GBTC) Bitcoin ETF may be coming sooner than anticipated.

Considering bitcoin has risen by more than 300% since the SEC turned down the last batch of bitcoin ETFs, that means that the SEC successfully ensured that Americans missed out on about $40 billion in capital gains.

Par for the course for the criminal SEC whose only job is to ensure the elite stay elite and the poor stay poor.

Luckily, though, you don’t need the approval of the SEC to buy bitcoin directly.

If you still haven’t done so and are still unsure of why this is such a big revolution in money and banking, check out my free four video webinar where I even offer to send you your first $50 in bitcoin at the end of the video series.

And if you are just wondering if you should be buying or selling bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash here at these levels, the next issue of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter is going out to subscribers this weekend. You can subscribe HERE to get access to that.

You’ll want to make sure you get the best advice at this moment in time as something big appears to be on the horizon. Investors, including Rothschild, are fleeing the stock market while gold rises and cryptocurrencies soar.

It seems a lot of people are expecting something quite ominous to happen soon. The Jubilee Year ends on September 20th so stay vigilant!

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The Jubilee Year! That is where I know you from I just realize right now. I watched interviews with you talking about that. That was long before I entered the crypto world. What funny thing life is.

So you think something will happen this month according to the pattern? What was it? Seven years cycle?


Truth revealed decades ago on popular tv show:!/v/ragetester/6xicf9st
Spread the word, save the world!
Feed the government! Or was I looking for a different f word?


Let's Fill that Blank Properly...CMON Folks LEt's PLAY!!


I Choose Flog the Government ^_^
@ragetester #RageOn My Friend


This is the third year Shemitah is coming.


Today's bitcoin action is blatant manipulation! Check out this expose I did

Yeah, the transfer of wealth is going to happen soon! Be before the masses and profit hugely!


Transfer of wealth was happened during the time of Moses bringing out the Israelites from the bondage of slavery of the Egyptian Empire and it was called "Exodus"... This must be the "Exodus" from Fiat Currency to Cryptocurrency and along with it is Wealth!


That's a Sexy Breakdown @joshvel <3

Another High, another win for us 😊
But man your talk about jubilee and Shemitah gives me the cringe. The economy is still as shitty as 2008/2009 nothing major happend (well except the cryptoboom).
So maybe we put down the the end is near pamphlets and start using Ockhams Razor. Maybe Rothschilds and the other baboons aren't as clever as you think and they just stumble from unintended consequences to the next by their meddling.

So I'll tell you what I do. Hedge with crypto. Cause fuck Gold/Silver, Mining stocks, Stockmarkets and what stupid other nonsense that can easily be manipulated by these sorry ass motherfucking cronies who think they can tell me what to do or not.

Will they (R) invest in cryptos?

To the MOON!


And beyond 😁

I'm so glad the Aug 1st hardfork drama came along. I was on Coinbase for over 18 months and didn't want to risk losing what little I had, nor miss out on B-cash.
But the process of self-education just to get me onto a Trezor didn't stop, and since then I've bought more BTC and about 20 alts this month. Mostly good ones too! The hf was a needed push for me to go through a learning curve, that has paid off.

I just have a gut feeling were going to have a small correction soon, I have my fiat dollars ready! 🤑


With you on that one @stackin. Worked for me last dip 😉


We're going to 6-7k before a big correction is my prediction


I can also see a dip happening. Just buying a little more each day has been my strategy.


it will any crypto market correction ? seem it up every single day

So the Rothschilds, supposedly worth trillions sell 23 million they are running away from the stock market?


That was a nice point was thinking someting like that

5k :)

@dollarvigilante love you guys!!!!

Fuck the Rothschilds! Greedy, evil, no good bastards!


You seem to know them personally quite well?


I wish I knew them personally. I'd ask them to give me a trillion dollars. It would be easy for them, their net worth is estimated at 300 TRILLION!

This is an interesting video I just watched. It is over 3 hours long, but worth a look.


👎 🇨🇳 👎

time to party up, smoke, and drink without worrying about fasting no more hell yeah!

I'm letting all my friends know to start moving into cryptocurrencies now. Lots of them are slowly converting and I've even gotten some of them to start selling and buying items using Dogecoin. The future is great for all cryptocurrencies

Awesome Sauce!!

Wow, this is great, let it keep rising while we bank more. Resteemed and upvoted.

thank you

Thanks for the info @dollarvigilante, not that i have bitcoin but i sure hope to come into crypto big time with this platform steemit. My challange with crypto is that at the end of the dat, we sell it back to get fiat especially here in Nigeria, you can't use it to buy anything or do business with or thr bank recognizing it. So i think that if Nigeria for instance has a middium of recognition of steem, it will go along way in helping the cion.

LOL. the headline killed me. The Rothchilds get out of the stock market. LOL. BTW, are you sure they are not moving into cryptos? There is word that they are behind the scenes pushing them to move us toward a cashless society. @dollarvigilante

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"Straight to the moon, bitcoin all the way up!"


Bitcoin Is Not Gonna stop It will Raise More than the value of Gold
better to buy Now or who have save it

Thats awesome! I've been watching the charts all day. I only saw it hit about $4970 though

The power of bitcoin is real !

Great ..............BTC hold great promise for the future world economy

El sistema financiero antiguo tiembla estamos en los tiempo de las criptomonedas

So nice... Good news... Thanks for sharing @dollarvigilante ...Blessings

I haven't personally seen it top $5000 on any of the exchanges I follow but it's only a matter of time.

That and the fact you mention 82.8% of people who own Bitcoin Cash after the August 1st fork have yet to sell their BCH (and will probably spend it on BTC, ETH or other cryptos when they do) as well as the Blass appointment at the SEC and the flight from stocks, means that $5000 will no longer seem high in few months time. :)

wow that's great

Can't wait for the newsletter!!

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Been having a lot of fun watching crypto go up, up, up!

Nice post, i has translate your post to Indonesia language, i has, upvote, invite and resteem your post, I'll be back, thanks

Best regards

Nice bast information bitcoin . thanks

Everything is happening according to the plan of reckoning. Honestly speaking, I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. For millions and millions of ordinary people, their lives will be totally devastated once the kill switch is flipped ON.

new milestone for BTC to go, next is USD 7,000

damn, 5 . 0 0 0 !
It was a mental barrier, but now.. come on keep growing!

september is the golden period for bits and alts

Impressive sharing! I have upvote for you.

And BTC-e is Back!!!

I think soon we see steem up 3.10$ :)

Jeff, thanks for the great updates and inspiring me to join Steemit. Next step mining bitcoins and perhaps EOS. Thinking a great way to create more passive income in my life.

Worthy to learn this. Thank you very helpful information ..

"Par for the course for the criminal SEC whose only job is to ensure the elite stay elite and the poor stay poor."
Genuinely said mate.

Bitcoin is the king and will continue to be the king for a very long time!

Once lightning network is implemented we will see $10,000 BTC for sure!

Sweet didn't think it hit 5k it was close but some markets never got to that point but I guess you count it if one hits it lol

Really good article. Insane to see the MCAP of cryptocurrencies at a staggering $178 BN USD now.. A few months ago it was nowhere near that figure. What I would like to know is whether we are in a bubble right now with the market being too optimistic. However personally I feel bitcoin and few other of the bigger cryptocurrencies, namely Litecoin, Zcoin and Ethereum are here to stay (of course others are as well but I cannot name them all.) Really interested to see how cryptos do in the final quarter of the year!

I have massive FOMO but my money is tied up in an ACH bank transfer.


It's my money after all!

lordy! can I get an amen!

Bitcoin Is Not Gonna stop It will Raise More than the value of Gold
better to buy Now who don't but those who have Save it

How do I sell my Bitcoin for cash ?

Just keep HODL Just keep HODL Just keep HODL Just keep HODL Just keep HODL Just keep HODL

Good sharing! I would like to see people earning from the Crypto world donating some earnings to the real poor - let's say in Africa or Cambodia likes... saw your video where you earnt 15k on a single post .... i think some of that should be donated to benefit people who don't know how to use computers ...wouldn't hurt ;)

Hello friend, i could not help notice that your profile and motives seem to coincide with mine. Read my new article if you would please.

Thank for reporting!!

How far it will go ?

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Is really amazing what happen with BITCOIN the last month. Lets see what happen in the next months.
Great post!

THIS FRIDAY! What do you think the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be from KOMODO Coin (KMD) traded on the crypto exchange?

Thanks Jeff, for all the valuable information you share with us on a daily basis, and thanks to you I am now also a part of the steemit community. Really appreciate your honesty and and sharing your experiences with all of us.

very soon bitcoin will hit 10000 usd .