Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

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Just kidding, again.

We are continuing to see bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies sell-off, however, just as we said they should and would do after such a parabolic spike higher in the last few months.

Bitcoin has fallen the least of the major cryptocurrencies… again, just as we said it would.

It has fallen 26% from its high 34 days ago.

Ethereum has fallen 51% from its high 30 days ago, also as we expected. I told subscribers to sell Ethereum near $400… it is now below $200.

What many don’t know is that this summer will likely be an incredibly volatile time for all the cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has actually improved its speed and transaction costs dramatically in the last few weeks but that is likely temporary until a more permanent solution can be introduced. And we are still very, very far from consensus on how to improve bitcoin.

Numerous hard and soft forks are all competing and coalescing around an August 1st deadline.

We could see a lot of panic selling if things get messy. And if things don’t get messy and are solved in way that is perceived by the majority to be a major improvement to bitcoin, we’ll likely see a big spike in buying.

Stay tuned to The Dollar Vigilante’s Youtube channel as we’ll be interviewing Roger Ver to get his take on what may or may not happen in the next few weeks. And, as we usually do, we’ll release this video to subscribers first so they get the first opportunity to act on the information.

As well, in our last issue of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter we went over a lot of the possibilities and how to protect yourself from possible loss if a hard fork is implemented. You can subscribe here to access that information right now.

When it comes to the other cryptocurrencies, the other side of almost every transaction is bitcoin. So, a sudden drop or rise in bitcoin will have major repercussions for the value of the other cryptocurrencies.

In other words, buckle up for an interesting few weeks ahead! You’ll want to make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you get all the best information, analysis and recommendations in real time.

This is absolutely not the end of the cryptocurrency space. In so many ways it is really just the 1st or 2nd inning.

We’ve made massive gains over the last six years while everyone said we were crazy. We made over 100,000% gains on bitcoin and a 20,000% gain on Ethereum, recommending it at $2 in 2016.

And we are just about to recommend a cryptocurrency which is at the same level of development that Ethereum was when we recommended it at $2 last year. And I think it could easily outperform Ethereum in the next 1-2 years.

Yes, it really could make a 20,000% gain in the next 1-2 years. $1,000 invested now could quite easily be worth $200,000. You can’t call us crazy this time because we do it all the time! And, with the cryptocurrencies selling off right now it is the perfect time to buy some.

I’ll be releasing this cryptocurrency pick to subscribers in the next 24 hours. You can get first access to it by subscribing now HERE.


Good information when confused
My heart is very heavy.

Great post. I started to follow you on youtube few days ago as well as on steemit now. What to say? Those are just great days to buy dips on som every promising cryptos. It was very disappoining to see most of the coins falling by double digits with BTC still hanging up high. I have been waiting for a significant drop in bitcoin since its ATH and it seems like it is around the corner. Have may buy orders set at 1900USD/BTC with more money set on side for more buys after we see what happens with the UASF. Good luck to all of you and STEEM on.

I belive everything will be ok, cuz Bitcoin is more then currency, it's whole ecosystem with ovn culture (or subculture)

I look at that and can't help but notice a trend of where Bitcoin does crash a lot, but also, in every subsequent example it is with higher numbers each time. ($0.06->$0.36->$0.21, $0.85-$29->$3, $13->$213->$70). This trend may or may not continue, but looking at what has happened in hindsight, I remain optimistic.

This video is hilarious.... Thanks for sharing! Brings a lof of optimism into the market these days! The moral of the story for me is: BUY THOSE DIPS!

Hello guys first of all keep calm and pay your attention here i see lots of new people panic about the crypto market but according to me this the one more opportunity to ready your bag with alts in deep prize .
At a moment don't do any trade just wait and watch till the market looing stable once market stable fill your bag with alts and hold them it will surely go up and u earn lots of profit ..@clickindiaa
Ps : this is my personal view and i m gonna do same . Take your own decisions

Thanks for sharing!


This was one of the funniest intros I have ever seen. I've watched it like 5 times now. Great job!!!!

We're separating the men from the boys 😂... get ready to be lock and loaded with your fiat currency fellow anarchists 🙌🏼💪🏼💯

Whatever you do, don't leave it as fiat 1's and 0's in a bank account.

The damn evil bankers lol

They hate it when people do not live their entire lives in debt. Muahahaha!

Debt is an illusion. Some people could take out a large loan put it all in crypto and go bankrupt over time and leave the country they live in. If the money is fake, so is the debt. It's just a way to create slaves.

If you get a loan from me on, it is just an illusion? I shouldn't be paid back? That's not theft?

I think I should provide collateral first. It totally is theft. I am talking about lending from a country that has personally robbed you via taxation and use it for wars you don't support.

Yeah, that's different. Get back every penny you can. Bleed the beast to death by a thousand cuts.

Separating the PITS from the POODLES...........JERRY SITZ !

No Bitch Zone for anarchists 😂😂😂

Great post thanks. Best strategy of all time in and forget. Check in a few years what you are worth.

Exactly. This happens to the stock market all the time. The people who believe in the platform should really just stay put and wait for time to do the magic. Cryptocurrency has already proven its worth. We just have to wait and see how this will go as commercialization of the product progresses

Exactly, don't buy and tomorrow think you a millionaire 🤣

I love the vodka pic :D

thanks for inspiring me, I've dropped out of college and quit drinking

If this downfall don't bother you that much that means that emotions are out. This is a healthy correction imo. We will see what will be the numbers on the border by eoy.

Good luck!

It is normal as crypto is very volatile and ok like that as it allows the smart guys to make money. Time to buy steem and power up.

Hooray, see my latest post for a milestone celebration

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keep steeming, upvoted

Absolutely, I agree buddy. Buy steem and power up to the skies

Best time to buy, don't again wait for the ATH to buy :D

I agree. Buy and power up

I'm curious to see if the suggested buy is STEEM. :)

Yes, a win win for all.

I buy buy and power up your steem

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Keep steeming

I very much dout it! Its because of the Aug 1st thing! But yeah your right the soo called bubble has deffo let some air out!

Also think there will be a big leg up after august 1st

Yes here will be! Look at what it did for LTC! There will always be a rebound or a dramatic fall! I am feeling a rebound as always!

My LTC is doing just fine.

Thanks for sharing

Everyone who only got into bitcoin recently...


Even if bitcoin drops to $1000 by next Fri. Dollar Virgil will still be Dollar Virgil's biggest fan. :-) Here come the volume selling spikes after a low volume rally off of 2140. Let's see if the Chinese data miners take it below $2100 next.

When looked from a monthly or quarterly or yearly even, 5 years from now, these ups/downs would just seem smooth transition into a new era of cryptos from counting dimes to counting diamonds! I am not being greedy as I don't hold great quantities but HODL whatever I can to show my support to this new revolution.

I have started ICO Review Series where I bring my unadulterated 'verdicts' without regard to what big guys may think...I think I rubbed few BIG Whales the wrong way by staying on sidelines on Tezos and being iffy on name a few.

My honesty is nothing before your rebellious honesty and I appreciate your efforts in bringing forth here on Steemit and YouTube. Keep at it.

All the cryptos are dying! Lol, you know what this means?

Bargains! Bargains everywhere!

I just did some write ups on a couple of my new favorites, DigiByte (DGB) and Lunyr (LUN).

Have a look on my blog @seanengman

@dollarvigilante, very informative! Thanks for sharing

I'd really like your response to Chris Duane from the Silver Bullet Silver Shield i have mad respect for the both of you. Chris is making some very BOLD assertions.

Wow Jeff you are really a genius as you predicted in your earlier video that bitcoin was will have a serious pullback of $300 and it just happened.

I really enjoy your work. Keep exposing this criminals that call themselves the US government. Wishing you a wonderful peace, love and anarchy. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That title of yours can give many people heart attack dear! I was like :
What's the yunk!!!


who wants to bet his pick is litecoin?

Now is definitely the time to buy cryptos that are aflling in price but yet still on the top 20 cryptos on the market. Steem is #17, but is less than dollar on the market. Buy and hold, not buy and sell. And of course, post lots and lots of stuff on steem right now if you want to make an easy profit.

Only the geniuses shall be rich XD

Good read but the answer to your question is NO not in the long run. Cheers mike

buy cryptocurrencies

Roger Ver is the equivalent to a "crypto statist" in your world, @dollarvigilante. I'd be very cautious about his particular slant on the Bitcoin ecosystem, as he has aligned himself with some pretty nefarious characters in the Chinese mining community.

As always, keep us updated, look forward to more of your videos.

i agree it will soon skyrocket again just have to patient and act like you never invested (forget about it and let the money build!!)

I love you Jeff! (not in the gay way)

Do you think this has to do with the Bitcoin, "chain split," at the end of July?
There are concerns, (Kinda reminds me of Y2K,) with all the predictions, and everything went smoothly.
Even so, if there are disruptions because of the chain split, when it's all in order Bitcoin should soar again. One would think that they could come up with a solution before that time for a smooth transition.

Wow nice info thanks for sharing

Thanks for fundamental insights and this optimistic view. Words to spread!

I bought even more of those lovley wacky coins 🙀

The best time to buy bitcoin at $2,100 Hold till August 1st where it will go to the moon 🌙

I guess you gonna thank me later

I'm just getting into cryptos so this pullback is nice for me. I just wonder if they're going to go lower before bouncing back up?

Good articles and very informative


everything is collapsing indeed, but next year will be the best year for all cryptocurrencies as they value are growing.

Somethings are not collapsing. Precious metals are pretty stable.

We are in a period of correction, and I think the correction is not done yet:

The brave pick up some coins already, but I don't dare do anything (but HODL) unless we get a beautiful big fat spike in the $1,800-$1,600 zone. Keep your powder dry.

If the technicals on this prove to be correct than you won't be buying at $1800 or $1500 either. Or you will be sorry that you did.

"Actual" bitcoin has been following the U.S. exchange traded bitcoin tracker GBTC ever since it failed to post a new 52 week high even as actual bitcoin did. GBTC is your daddy. You will do what it tells you to do or you will be crying like a little baby. Actually, I bet all of the local crypto addicts will be crying like babies all over the message boards here before the next "buy and hold" rally ensues.

No one knows the future. But a lot of crying will happen for sure.

Sorry to say that the future of bitcoin has already been dictated by the past. As I said, your future (both near term and long term) lies in GBTC. It is the ONLY "realistic" way to gauge sentiment in the price of bitcoin since what you see happening in the live bitcoin ticker I posted on this thread is nothing more than pure unmitigated bull crap. This has already determined your fate. See that Aug 2015 low on this 5 year chart? That's where bitcoin is going. So when you see it actually happen don't forget who toldja so.

If I calculated correctly, that's a cool 15x decline from here. $136 price point from $2,050 now.

And bitcoin won't get there on this current Dollar Virgil induced dumpf. I've been tracking GBTC since I found out about it from someone over at Utube. Why not? If given a choice of being "trapped" in actual bitcoin by your exchange, or going with an exchange traded ETF where you can get out in 5 seconds if you want to like you can with GBTC, it seemed worth tracking to me. I update my blog here on teh technicals whenever an important signal of note materializes. As of right now the downside target is 297.50 (to be eggzact) but I wouldn't be surprised to see it trade down to $165. Thus my commentary that buying "actual" bitcoin between $1800 and $1500 will likely lead to more losses. A GBTC price of $165 will take bitcoin closer to $1000. That will open the door to the "gap n crap" low that was set in bitcoin prior to the news that bitcoin did not receive S.E.C approval for listing on any of the major exchanges. I think that low was $770. Something like that anyway.

Click bait lol

A dark horse collective of miners and developers have just announced a THIRD fork to Bitcoin on August 1st, but this is a USER ACTIVATED HARD FORK. They are immediately raising block size to 8MB and leaving SegWit and core behind.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a lifetime thing so I am vigilantly training myself to look at the amount of BTC balance (it won't change). Yeah, it's difficult to do when for a lifetime we've measured everything against fiat. Transformation happens naturally. Birth this thing, AS WELL as build it. We must allow for these times and adjust our wants and needs so our thoughts, words and actions sync up.

Just waiting for the rebound, will probably come just after August 1st get ready, only the brave will succeed.

Yeah, can't wait for the "buy the pullback!" call in bitcoin you promised to make now that everyone who bought your advice to keep buying even as it traded above $2500 (twice) is now getting their asses shredded. This outta be fun to watch. Your are now $150 away from "out-Cramering" Jim Cramer. Nice work, bubba. Go ahead and flag this spew while your at it like you do over at Utube Mr. Free market and "free speech" guy. I'd be embarrassed to let the truth be known if I were you too, loser.

Since when did following advice from some other guy on the Internet become a responsible thing?

My point exactly. And you certainly don't want to follow someone who freely admitted that he watched a company worth $244 million turn into a piece of dog shit like Jeffey boy did. This clown learned absolutely nothing about how market actually worked. Now the pressure is on and he has to actually make a buy call to try and help out all of the lemmings he suckered in with his "champagne and cigar" celebrations at teh exact wrong time. And he did it twice now. Once before memorial day when bitcoin traded to appx $2770 on Th May 25th. That morning it made that high and then dropped about $500 in 2 hours of trading. He comes on and says >>> "Looks like bitcoin went a little too far too fast." Well no shit, Sherlock! Here's his spew.

May 25th, the exact day the high was set. Posted "after" teh drop began. The low for that Dollar Virgil enduced drop was $1880 that following sat night. Show me where he said buy

He certainly "nailed" teh next high though.

We'll see how slick he is. Anyone who listens to this clown deserves everything that is coming to them. Anyone want to bet a $50 lunch that I will call the next tradable bottom before the "pied piper" of bitcoin does? I hope the markets wipes the smirks right off of his face. I'd love to see this crap that is bitcoin trade to like $800 on this move. The best thing he could do is just stf up and go work on his next scam. He's a bigger misallocator of funds than Janet Yellen could ever dream of being. He's no different that the banks and hedge funds he wants to take down. Do your followers a favor, Dollar Virgil....take yourself out.

I got a minute into one of his videos before realising he was a grade A crackpot on the level of Alex Jones or David Icke. I like his posts though as I find his brand of insanity to be quite funny.

If you want a good laugh, ask this government-hating an-cap about the time he got ripped off with Galt's Gulch and had to get the government involved to try to recover his funds.

Steemy McSteamFace - A Steam inspired dark-coloured skin for Steemit

Too funny. Dollar Virgil, turning millionaires into people living doooown by the river in a van. I guess he has been a consistant dummfukk since the tech bubble blew up in his smug face. He still hasn't learned anything. I also find it fun to watch idiots like him implode as a result of his own doing. He talks about Peter Schiff. I'll be "shocked!" if Dollar Virgil is still around ruining peoples lives in another year. Here's his "excuse" article about galt's Gulch. read it an get ready to weep all of you Dollar Virgil dick suckers. You were forewarned about what's coming your way.

Hey, since you are as big a Jeff Berwick fan I'd appreciate if you stopped by my blog and check out the spew I posted in his honor today. First one on my blog list. I'm not even looking for an upvote. I'd just like to know what you think. Thanks.

We are on the start and now we have chance to make great buy and have fantastic crypto christmas! In the end of summer, volume will go up and we will have smile on our face if we buy some coins to 1.8.2017. What do you think? And thanks for great article!

I hope the crypto weather changes back to normal soon, so people blood pressure can go down, while everybody is in panic mode, i just wanna keep powering the steem

This fall is due to the conspiracy against BTC and all crypto, created by big fishes, if this continues im seeing a huge price loss for all crypto, although i'm holding some coins

The beginning of every fortune starts at the bottom of every crash. It should be seen as opportunity. How many times have we heard people lament the fact they didn't get into cryptos when they were cheap? Well, now is the time for those folks to take advantage of the lower prices.

Is there risk? Sure there is risk. Risk is what keeps the heart pumping and makes life that much more interesting.

love the i can accumulate more

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this could be a really good time to buy some cryptocurrency

In Currencies Nothing significant on upside will happen before 1st August... but sell side will remain open!!! I think it's time.. July is 7th month of year and 1st August is 8th... People who are into numbering knows where i am going... i see massive selloff on way but temporary!!!!!

damn! don't tell me the 7 Shemittah also applies to the cryptomarket. I know it does To Wall Street

Crpto currency is beyond Wall Street??? What do you think who are driving prices??? Its again same people behind.. and i was not referring to Shemittah etc.. for now if you want to have profits then buy currencies as they made 2nd low and can give upto 100% return on this rebound... but depends which one you going to buy... check my blog... as i have given price targets as well with currencies

if everyone that posts on steemit regularly take there steemit post and posts it on reddit as well under the steem or bitshares reddit community that we could increase the size of the steem users and bring more users on the steem network which would have a network effect and make the BITSHARES network stronger!!

Increasing the size of steems network by posting on reddit will get everyone more money. increase the price of your current steem and ultimately win over more users which is goal#1

Nice! Dollar Virgil chugging Absolut while anyone who listened to him is drinking Ripple...the choice of all Dollar Virgil followers. Get down to the level of the people you just beitchslapped, Dollar Virgil. Ripple! The choice for "lively" crypto believers. Does Bitcoin wink back at you? Ripple does.

Bitcoin now breaking below $2100, that's actually your second 30% loss in a matter of weeks. But I'll wait til it breaks below $2000 before I honor you with a post here at steemit about making history...AND out-Cramering Jim Cramer. Dollar Virgil, the Peter Schiff of the crypto world. Nice work, chump.

there has to come a point where the fall in Bitcoin stops dragging down ALTs too. some ALT charts are starting to look too tempting...I bought back in on some.

Why does this read like a penny stock pump and dump news letter?

Failing like a hero.I am still holding.

Pillar Token the next big thing. Check out Pillar Project. They are going ICO. Use the Tor Browser if you want to get on the ICO.

My guess is that you are right. Lots of others getting their panties in a bunch with excitement about pillar. Translation? >>> An immediate spike of 300% during the first 2 days of the ICO and then everybody gets dumped on and loses half their money.

Buy! Then buy some more. Sell some sperm or bone marrow and then buy more

this :D

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and smart contracts are the Future.
Keep up the good work and lets hope the electricity stays on.
The more people find out about these and more companies accepting them the prices will be MASIVE!

Jeff!!! We need you over at the chain coin project.

Hi. I love the genuiness and originality of your post. I upvoted your post. I bet you must be interested in motivationals, money, love poems, and beatiful scenery. Follow me @thelifestyler for this and much more

Let it crash!!! Lower prices are good, for those that want to get in. This volatility in price, indicates to me its a free market. Not like the stock market, which they won't allow to go down.

price of bitcoin is going down in this month so try to buy and store btc after 1 august .if i am right please upvote and reply to this comment thanks

Thanks for sharing, To know more about Cryptocurrency
Please click the link & enter your name and best email to gain FREE access.

Let's hope its Lisk coin! I've got 3 and a half of those...

Another scare for the masses?
Please read my latest post exactly on this subject.

I am happy to see the prices are falling, this is the perfect time to get in. I am waiting for Bitcoin to get down to the hundreds, then buy. Thanks for this post @dollarvigilante

muy emocionante y prometedor :D cada día me enamoro mas de esto, I love you steemit ❤️

Thanks, great article. Thanks for the info mate!

thanks for sharing @dollarvigilante. great post

For sure the market will rise again, just how far the cryptos fall nobody knows. Thanks for sharing those stats :) Upvoted and resteemed

Great acting job Jeff! Very entertaining! :)

Excellent. Up_voted .... I'm still in the green slightly .... going to buy some more Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin if they fall a lot more

it's bear raid wait for the short squeeze

@blockchainvigilante account is available ;) although @icovigilante would be more realistic


There is an old Chinese saying, "when the tree falls the monkeys scatter." This is where we seperate the men from the boys. Hang on to your coins while the monkeys scatter.

May I get your expert opinion on the bitcoin and steem price that is happening today. For me and my readers. Hope to see you in our conversation.

The fall is too much. What may be the cause of that. All cryptocurrencies are losing value

They all tenfolded before...

But there is hope of their recovery isn't it

In Crypto We Trust!

Blockchain will change the world

Good post. upvoted and followed you. Feel free to do the same.

Nice blog post, keep up the good work!!! My first day on steemit, so much to discover! Greets Cryptoinvestinfo

Had a good laugh thanks for all the great info have another swig of that vodka,

Thanks Jeff!

Down, down, down they go....
Buy the bottom

Great post, like your writing style :) Just wait and sit. Let's all enjoy the ride. DO not sell. Don't take your lose now. I have 16 coins currently and lost a hell lot of money. Of course I thought why didn't I sell.. But he, that's how the market rolls right. The best advice that I got? Stop checking it everyday, it makes you crazy lol.. I am here for the long run. Hope what you say is right one day. 1k makes 200k Would be awesome right.. Don't "really" like the day traders or people that hype a coin in a community.. You buy, they sell... coins drops.. every time again. Be smart :) All the best @dollarvigilante

Very interesting

What's your take on "MasterNode" coins?
There seems to be a lot of buzz going on around around them.Considering these coins entice owners to hold onto them, I'm not sure what benefit it adds to the ecosystem.
We need more solutions and technologies that solve challenges

Nice post, thanks for sharing :)

Hay @dollarvigilante Nice Post Vote & Followed
I always follow your journey whether it is Travel or Other !!
I Wish You Would Also Follow and Upvote My Post @funnystuff
Really I Liked What You Do Every Day
And Always Join - Upvote - Comment and Reesteem
I wish the same
Thank You Sweet

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