Biggest Wealth Transfer In History? Bitcoin Hits New All Time High Near $3,000 As Cryptos Surpass $100 Billion Market Cap

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Are we witnessing the biggest wealth transfer in human history? A case can certainly be made for it.

One year ago, cryptocurrencies as a sector had a market capitalization of only $11 billion. Looking back even further, four years ago, the entire sector including bitcoin had a market capitalization of less than $1 billion.

As of today, it has surpassed $100 billion.

Bitcoin itself sits on the cusp of $3,000 as we speak.

$100 billion is still just a drop in the bucket of all financial assets. Business Insider has estimated the total value of all financial assets to be $294 trillion.

But, note, that most of our data and charts on cryptocurrencies doesn’t come from Bloomberg or Reuters. The majority comes from places like Coindesk and - small organizations mostly operated by anarcho-capitalists who have been in these markets for years while Wall Street is just starting to wake up to the fact that they better get into this market now.

This is a big shift. The world of money and banking may just be beginning to fall out of the control of Central Banks and Wall Street and into what has been mostly anarcho-capitalists, like myself, who have been investing in bitcoin since it was $3 in 2011.

Now, with it at near $3,000, that is a nice 100,000% gain for those of us who want to end central banking, communism, fascism and big government.

With cryptocurrencies skyrocketing, the number of anarcho-capitalist millionaires in the world has likely risen from about 10 to around 10,000. This will have massive repercussions in the coming years.

Even The Guardian has taken notice, trying to write a hit piece about it.

Of course, instead of calling us anarcho-capitalists and having a picture of someone like myself in a business suit, they found the only two people involved in cryptocurrencies who regularly wear masks!

As an aside, I interviewed masked Smuggler, back in 2012, when I did interviews while smoking and drinking a glass of wine while bitcoin was at $10.

But, The Guardian headline is somewhat correct. Cryptocurrencies and the anarcho-capitalists/crypto-anarchists that have fostered them can potentially take down the entire central banking system and along with it warfaring and welfaring governments.

If that were to happen, we’d have peace and prosperity on Earth like we’ve never known it.

Although, we still have a very long way to go before we get there. And they will do everything they can to stop it.

One of the most recent attempts being the Prime Murderer, Theresa May, calling for full government control of the internet after recently pulling off several more false flag attacks in the UK as a run-up to the (s)election.

At Bilderberg this year, which I just returned from, one of the main topics on the agenda was “The War On Information” and to be sure, this is a key part in how they will attempt to stop the cryptocurrency revolution.

Some people are still of the belief that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are government controlled “psyops” - I can assure you that as a movement, they are not.

I’ve been involved since nearly day one and all any of us talk about is how we can take down the governments and the central banks. Cryptocurrencies are being created with 100% anonymity (Monero/Dash) and even alternative internets are being designed (Maidsafe) so that they can’t even take down the internet unless they manage to turn off the power for the entire world.

And alternative social media based off the blockchain is already flourishing, like Steem and where we have been posting our material first since its inception (and made $100,000+ doing so - (please follow us there) - you can actually make money just by upvoting and commenting on our content).

And that’s beside making a fortune on the rise of the currency itself! You may recall our article, “It's Time Everyone Looks at Steemit Again” just a few weeks ago when Steem was near $0.25.

It’s currently near $2.00.

Will cryptocurrencies keep going straight up forever and never have pullbacks? Of course not, that’s impossible.

But, is this an evolution in money and banking that could change the world forever? Yes.

If you still haven’t listened to my pounding the table on cryptocurrencies, which I have been doing since 2011 when bitcoin was $3, please check out this free 4-video tutorial here. In it, I even offer to send you your first $50 in bitcoin directly from myself.

The Guardian likes to act like we are a group of shadowy figures who wear masks and want to destroy the wonderful banking system of today. In fact, there are now millions of us in almost every walk of life. We look fairly normal, we act fairly normal, and yes, we do want to destroy this heinous central banking cartel that has funded all wars and impoverished billions - by making it obsolete.

And maybe, we just might succeed.

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i'll be keeping up with Berwick's info from now on, thanks for promoting this! Captial Flight is indeed in full effect right now as money flees the legacy systems. however they can't do this too quickly, or they will cause damage to legacy investments and citizen infrastructure!


Agreed! Huge gains in STEEM over the past couple of days. Thanks for all of the info Jeff!


Definitely interesting about Steem!!!


Please check my article...Government Will Never Attack Bitcoin…They’re Secret Lovers – One Page Punch


Another great one
Jeff was who reminded me again about STEEM just 4 weeks ago. Even I registered here in MAY2016...but afterwards I totally forgot this...until I came across Jeff's live video. Since then - I'm like possessed... just powered my SP 10-fold today....ehhhh

Thankyou very much @dollarvigilante for mentiioning what Theresa May want's to try and get away with here in the UK. She is a part of the whole system and I'm praying and hoping we can get the socialist Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister in a couple of days! He is anti- big greedy corporations exploiting people so blatantly and we would at least be moving more in the right direction with him.

The Great Wealth Transfer Is Live!! Thanks for all you do Jeff. :)


Happy to have contributed a smile :)


Lol. This is hilarious. I love it! 💚


I Love YOU for Loving it! :) It's a Love-fest :)


Made me smile. Thanks.

Didn't even know that you are on Steem till this video.
Nice! )

Great stuff, as always Jeff.
I love your youtube posts on health as well. I have been following you for a while and I always thought you would start to do something about your health as you are open and intelligent.

Great piece Jeff, thank you! For sure it will be a rocky road ahead but cryptos are here to stay

It's not just crypto-anarchists getting into it. I've been involved just a couple years less than you and I would definitely not identify myself as anarchist anything. My theory (one of them, anyway) is that since the Federal Reserve and many other nations' central banks basically just oversee the printing up of money, making those on the top rich while the rest of us pay the bills through our own lost purchasing power due to inflation, these crypto tokens have become a sink for a lot of fiat money. People will pay $3,000 for a Bitcoin, for example. So in a weird way, I think all these cryptocoins have staved off inflation to some extent, by providing another "good" that all this money floating around can chase. It's definitely been a fascinating ride.

"With cryptocurrencies skyrocketing, the number of anarcho-capitalist millionaires in the world has likely risen from about 10 to around 10,000."
This struck me as extremely profound. The influence of anarcho-capitalists is growing by leaps and bounds, this is wonderful news, and will promote freedom for all of us.

wow... you really nailed this time!!! awesome post!!!

and by the way.. im on steemit thanks to you.. so thanks again!!!

have a good one!!!


Me too! He's done a great job by blowing the horn for cryptos since ages! Thanks, Jeff!

Thats the beauty of this (r)evolution, it is totally without aggression, just switch from banking to crypto's and when many people are doing this, they become absolete. Thanks for your post!

That is one of my favorite parts about bitcoin, ethereum, etc... is the ability it brings from those with value to create wealth. Its great when you find something that you can make money on and fundamentally stand behind. Its a great day for crypto!

All your speculations about BTC & STEEM are turning out to be very accurate....thanks for bringing awareness among people regarding crypto and their potential impacts.

Nice post! Thanks. Please follow me: @martinst

Congratulations @dollarvigilante!
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Good stuff man, I really enjoy your videos and posts, I don't agree with all what you say or think ..but I think that you are right about most of the things
keep up the good work ..and be furious as you are :)

I believe we are witnessing it.. and the crazy thing is, most of population is still on the wrong side of the trade

I hope you'll get back to that balcony, it's feels very comfortable to sit with you there

Great article Jeff,

Just one question, I see you emptied your Steem wallet, does this mean you think its overvalued at the moment? Or what is your short term Steem price-target?


Yes, hoping for a big pullback or I'm going to look like an idiot. :P


But even if it doesn't pullback I'll just keep makin' Steem and promoting it to as many as I can!

Thank you, this is a great platform and it's all thanks to Bitcoin (in the beginning).

Great post! Thanks for your input, I'm hoping it stays and goes higher now! wooaa :)

Thank you!! If I had not seen your videos, I would not have been here. But now I am , and this thing here is big, and very good :)

Hey D.V keep making videos bro, alot of good stuff for newbies like meself, excels our learning of crypto beyond anything cheers bro! And for your time, coz you cant put a price on time!! 👍👍👍

hey sounds good i wonder when i can't wait i invested in bitcoin and steem and I'm only 18 years old my mum will get a surprise soon :))))

Hey Jeff, you and Clif High need to do an interview. Get on it! ... please .

This was a great post!

And I don't see it stopping anytime soon!

Thank you Jeff for the mind blow!

Good article , next goal, 4000 usd after the next two month

Will like a donation of $50 worth of steem from Th dollar Vigilante

yes....let's end the paper currencies...

We're on the ground floor of history! The boat has just taken off from the port! Like you've said Jeff, the world will be filled with millionaire and billionaire anarcho-capitalists in the future! ;)

lets fuck this dirty system already

The New 1% will be those holding Crypto :)

We will succeed Jeff!!!

Jeez i walk away for a few months. Bam!

Thank you @Dollarvigilante. Great article and nice to read more about the 100billion marker

As expected. The idea of Bitcoin is bulletproof!

Glad to see you sopped smoking

Thank you Jeff for introducing me to cryptos about 2 years ago in his Shemitah Post! That was a really moving video about the pattern of crashes, and how it repeats itself every 7 years... Anyways, it took me one more year before I got invested into Bitcoin, and then slowly into other cryptos. I got into Bitcoin at around 600 $, so it's already a 5x gain for me! It has been amazing to see Bitcoin and cryptos grow over the last year, and seeing the market adoption and so many startups basing their businesses on Blockchain has been wonderful.
As more and more people join the bandwagon, it will be wonderful to see where Bitcoin goes!

To the moon... :D

Cudos for investing at $3, I wish I did!

The Guardian isn't fit for lining bird-cages.

From now on; the game as change. Bigger things to come for bitcoin holder! Proud to be one of them.
Great post...

Until they have control they will not rest. period.

I first heard about Steemit from the dollar vigilante. Thanks!

Once again great content as usual. I wonder what cryptocurrencies might be the best/cheapest as of now to benefit from the current crypto boom. Certainly BTC, ETH and STEEM have been good recommendations in the past, but what's your other top pick to further diversify the portfolio?

1 trillion dollar market cap isn't that far away :-)

Great article. BTW, I LOVE Anarchast!

can't believe steem also went up so much..amazing!!!

Knowledge is power and in the cryptoeconomy its leading to transfer of wealth as the crypto anarchist will lead the industrial revolution. Great post Jeff.

The news coming out on almost a daily basis continues to smash the naysayers. Thank you.

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Thank you, Jeff, for the succinct, clarifying and inspiring article. And thank you for your other recent articles in which you shared some of your past tribulations and demon wrestling, along with your grounded spiritual goals. We (isbe is a lady and a guy unit) consider you to be a friend and we wish you and everyone all the Best.

We are just warming up, this is really amazing to watch being in space for years. it's a happening now.

Like the tech stocks once, Bitcoin stocks on a tear last few days as something new and exciting to consider. Here is the latest one I did a quick write up about, up 100% yesterday, others pulled back a bit today. Could be a good entry point now. Links in the article to the other ones as well.

Thanks for this and thanks for bringing me to Steemit. I've just recently arrived and I'm learning as much about cryptocurrency as I can, these are exciting times. Really appreciate all of your good work, it makes a huge difference when you're aware of the truth.

Thanks jeff for your info. What about those individuals who want to invest in bitcoin but have limited resources,or cannot afforred that big amount of money. What alternatives do you suggest.

🤙🏼 great job ....keep it up 🚀

Steem Market Cap has actually hit a new ATH
love the guardian post

As always great job Jeff I am another supporter 100% and been following you for years now, keep up the good work and let us know when the next boom will come!

thanks DV. what do you think about the next mass circulation (physical) coin being a silver token with an RFID chip in it? money with a bonus crypt for storing whatever you want. you charge up the coin, then pass it to whomever for whatever. the coins would be everywhere already, remaining in circulation as money until someone else wants to use it as a crypto case.

Another informative post once again. Thank you!

Great post!! I wish I found out about dollarvigilante a few years ago. Would have been a millionaire today. The market cap of crypto's will just keep climbing as people look for safer investments for the longterm, especially in BTC and ETH. Hopefully we can realize your goal of bringing down the banks. Keep it up!

Another great video! im showing everyone in a re post here!!

Hi Jeff
Great artikel again - but. Going away from main stream media/politics and the bankimg system alone will make no human happy.
"John 10:10 (KJV) The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

If Satan rules the world he will also find a way to destroy lives with cryto currencies and precious metals. I take your your advice as a measure of wisdom to whatever is in my power to not get enslaved - but Jesus says "John 17:3 (KJV) And this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent."
True happiness is not in money. There is going to be a eternity to live in and where will it be, heaven or hell?

Good points in this article. I was about to post a similair post. The current total market cap of all cryptos might seem high but blockchain is here to stay and will involve all our lives. I do see a bright future for everyone that's hold's their coins with a long term vision. An interesting website I found: I'm using this site that gives in depth reports on every tradable cryto in the market. On: To see the: Bitcoin Detailed report.

Always informative.

I will be the dreamer of dreams and builder of things. Ain't asking no permission from men with evil visions. With love for myself and love for each other. I will be a part of the keen eye masses not fearing collapses. Dark skies will fall by the wayside. All I see are butterflies in my eyes, bright futures with outsiders just wondering why.

Thanks jeff @dollarvigilante... You made me buy some steem weeks ago...doubled my invstment already... Muchas gracias amigo! Saludos desde España!

What a time to be alive!

Of course most of governments will try to stop it. I'm thankful for people like you who tried to share the word and open eyes to some people... It thanks to you that I made my account over here! Great post as always!

The world is changing very fast
And only a few can see it
thanks for the post

Great achievement in world of cryptocurrency.

Thanks for another "good news" update. Glad I'm aboard you info-train.

Awesome. Thanks for all the tips. I am very excited about all these things happening. Crypto's taking over.

Good article, what do you think potentials for Btc, Eth, Steem in the next year are?

Interesting!, it is definitely an historic and exciting time!, we are witnessing history :)

Screw the politicians the whole lot of em'!!

I came across your You tube channel by chance and learnt about Steemit - thank you so much

I belive that market cap can go up to 200 Billions this year, even more. For sure some coins will gain a great value and some not. The banking system will try to jump in the game, i am sure of that. The dream is good but dont forget that banks control the money now, and it will be a big fight to put them outside the game. We need to se more use of crypto in real world. I am thinking that steem can do something like fiver for the users, and many other things. Regards

I am planning on going all in on steam-i just got my first 100 bucks on bitcoin thru coinbase. anyone use coinabase i hope it is legit?

Thank you Dollar vigilante! Thanks Jeff for awakening a lot of people, before the REAL wealth transfer take place.
I pray for you and your family, God Bless!

Hello Jeff,

My name is Moksh Rajput and I am an entrepreneur, business person, stock market analyst, cryptocurrency and block chain advocate, and 14 years old!

I do agree with you that the schools are indoctrination camps to make us dumb and believe the propaganda the globalists shove down our throats.

I am in the process of creating a business where I mine Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Zcash, and of course Bitcoin. This space is a very lucrative one as currently there are less than 50 million individuals mining any sort of crypto.

I have invested deeply into some of the cryptocurrencys out there. Just a couple of the examples are Ripple, MaidSafe, and Litecoin.

I am a huge fan and you know what you are talking about.

As you said in your blog at dollar vigilante, uranium is going to go up. I believe so too because it has been a beaten down market for years and WW3 is going to break out soon.

You talk about Jubilee and Shemitah which both perfectly correlate with world events as well as the stock market.

Speaking about the stock market you have said a crash of the ages is coming. What you have said I agree with as well. I believe the monetery systems will collapse and that this collapase will be worse than 1929.

You were saying to buy Dash at around 12 bucks, it then soared to highs of 130$.

This list can keep going on and on.

All, I want to say is to keep doing what you are doing and make money!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Thanks for posts Jeff! keep BOOMIN!

i wish i would have gotten more in 2013, but a little is better than nothing . thanks jeff

@dollarvigilante I'll share/resteem all your posts if you can follow me and resteem ,you're the best ,thank you and hope we'll help each other ! I wish you have the best posts !

Thanks s much dollarvigilante for the awesome write up. It is really nice and informative to me . Your write up is source encouragement in this era of crypto-currency, i won't let the steem opportunity to pass me by like bitcoin. Thanks again

A good post, but crypto's do feel a bit bubbly, at least for the time being. At some point big holders will take some profit off the table and diversify, but into what? Dollars, Pounds, Euros? Unlikely. Gold and silver most likely. Please check out my post on Gold predicting the end of the dollar for more info.

Great video! I have to say you got ..... What "worries me" in crypto currency and future in general is that even if everything becomes "decentralized", there's still people running things. Some people will probably retain the power. And even if everything collapses, at the end everything falls down to people. And there's, where utopia ends and reality begins.

Can you imagine if the entire wold jumps on board... Wow insane

Thankyou dollar vigalante for getting me into steemit 👍