Amazon and Bitshares

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Amazon, the largest e-commerce shop capable of sending products world wide founded by Jeff Bezos. Handling 4.5 billions of transaction per month. Selling data to physical products. So what if Amazon decides to enter the crypto business? Will Amazon accept Bitcoin as payment? The answer is plain simple. No!.

If we look into it. Bitcoin can't process 4.5 billions of transaction per month. Let's face it Bitcoin is slow. Even if it's a quarter of 4.5 billion, Bitcoin can never process that huge amount of transactions. Bitcoin and amazon will never happen, it will only slow down Amazon. So what's the best choice for Amazon? Bitshares.

Right now Bitshares is the only cryptocurrency capable of handling such huge amount of transaction. Why Bitshares? There are so many crypto out there that can be partner with Amazon. What is so special about Bitshares? Decentralize Exchange. If Amazon partners with Bitshares they can integrate an application that will connect Amazon's transaction to the Bitshares DEX easily converting Bitshares to bitUSD, bitCNY, bitRuble and so on. As of speed, you can look at the image below to see how Bitshares will manage 4.5 billions of transactions

here you can see @ash post how fast Bitshares transaction is Link

All of this will be only possible if Amazon decides to partner with Bitshares. I'm sure Amazon will accept cryptocurrency soon. If they not, some e-commerce will manage to accept crypto as payment. That would be a huge blow for Amazon. Clock is ticking, e-commerce need to jump in to crypto business. It will be a matter of time till we see huge e-commerce businesses accepting crypto as payment.

I will be working in a community project where I will educate friends, relatives and more Filipino's in joining the crypto market as well as teaching them the wonderful STEEMIT community. I know its a heavy task for me, but as I grow, I will be forming a team and we will be helping more Filipinos, teaching them about blockchain and how can STEEMIT help them.

With your help, this project can be done. Let's show the Filipinos what the STEEMIT community can do. Together we can do this.

This is Nem Dayao, showing Bitshares some love. If you like my post kindly upvote and resteem. Thank you!


I was thinking that since most centralized exchanges (CEX) are the lowest hanging fruit for SEC and Governments to regulate and once they start taking those steps, Bitshares, a decentralized exchange (DEX), could become the sudden darling of every crypto wallet!

But Amazon/ecommerce adoption would have same impact.

Yes because of bitshares dex all possibilities are endless. Consumers paying crypto -> e-commerce -> integrated program -> dex -> fiat then send it back to e-commerce.

Once Bitshares moves onto the EOS platform, then BEOS would be 10x superior. It'll need a fork but that's ok.

Did a research right now and wow! I hope people realize how great Bitshares will be someday. Bitshares and bitsparks is almost at our doorsteps. It's a matter of time till we some Bitshares pump.

Ownning 200k to 2.5 Million BTS right now will have your future generations bless your name for such MASSIVE wealth inheritances.

My shorter term target is $0.72; then mid term is $1.36 and then the LONG term target (3-5 years) is $342.

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Yes I saw your blog. Is way better than any other cryptocurrency out there but not in price. Too sad for me I only have 2000 bts at the moment :( Only if I could have more.

The possibilities in this chart is so accurate. But there are some cases, like BCH sudden price surge with Korea's adoption.

Hi Haejin, but EOS is decentralized as BTS? The drop in BTS prices can be due to this?

They will like to form their own Cryptocurrency but if they integrate bitshares that will be massive.

I hope so. But partnering is much easier than creating.

Sure, but they will like a situation where by they will be able to earn more. Like keeping some tokens for themselves.

Hmmmm. . . Like bitspark.

Bitshares and Amazon are the perfect couple !!!

It sure is. 😇

Interesting....i added bitshares to my portfolio last month...Great things are happening. Upvoted n resteemed.

Thank you @huiosrealtors. Wait till Bitsparks accepts Bitshares as their crypto for remittances.

Hey Nem, you are so right, the clock is ticking. It seems only a matter of time until the largest e-commerce site in the world adopts crypto-payments and it has to be SOON!
On a seperate note, can you point me to a basic tutorial on Bitshares and how it works? I know it is multi-faceted and robust ecosystem, and I do have some BTS in my portfolio, but I am having a hard time grasping the whole thing! :(
Even the exchange is confusing to me, from open.BTC or open.DASH to bitBTC and bitUSD, I just haven't been able to grasp it yet. I will but some help would help!!! :)

Yes exactly! Amazon has no choice but to adopt crypto. open.BTC is same as BTC excepts that your BTC is deposited in openledger. For example when you see open.BSD that means your BSD is in your openLedger. If you want to learn more about the bitUSD The bitBTC is the pretty much the same as open.BTC except that its much better than open.BTC because every bitBTC is backed with BTC.

OK thanks. I am reading so much about Bitshares this morning and am starting to understand it....
Thanks for the info.

You're welcome :)

Haven't encountered bitshares before. Will check them out. Thanks @compumatrix for sharing this post.