Do Bitcoin Prices Need To Be Tumbled Again To New 2k Can You Step On Gas To 20k?

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Bitcoin prices will drop to 2k, 2018 has ended, and while there is no big jump as investors expect, where they want to see Bitcoin rise again.
Just two weeks before the end of 2018, BTC was in a not-so-happy position, with the value of the coins being at $ 3,200, falling even lower. However, a sudden surge occurred on December 17, which returned $ 1,000 to its value. And, since losing around $ 400 since, the last days of 2018 still see BTC well above that year's lowest point.

Now, 2019 has arrived, with traders and investors wondering what will happen next? Will BTC drop to $ 2,000? Will it rise again to $ 20,000? Will the bearish market develop this year too, or is the market ready for the right increase now?

The answer, remains uncertain. Problems with scalability can be immediately reduced significantly, but high volatility remains a problem. Even the smallest change can have major consequences for the entire market, and any news can affect the price of BTC, no matter how big or small, or whether it is positive or negative. To stop further decline, BTC must find a balance. However, this balance is more fragile than before, and prices are expected to move soon.


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