What will you do if Bitcoin reaches $10,000 per coin?

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You probably have heard that Bitcoin has a potential to reach $10,000. I’m not the first person to tell you that.

For instance, here’s an article that I read an hour ago. Chandler Guo states that if everyone would have just one, the Bitcoin value would go to $1 mln.

Does it seem crazy, impossible or what?

I know that it might look abnormally weird if you hear this for the first time but the majority of those who came up from Bitcoin space are okay with such info.

In any case, I have a question for everybody – What will you do if Bitcoin reaches $10,000 per coin? I’m not talking about a million, just 10k.

Will you be the happiest person on the planet cause you have a huge chunk of them?
Will you feel sad cause you don’t have even 1 Bitcoin?
Will you ignore that?
What will you do?

I mean, it is really possible to observe this as soon as the next 2 years. One of the reasons, I believe is the ongoing financial crisis all over the globe.

Look at the US and what’s happening after elections; look at India where 500 and 1000 banknotes have been eliminated from the market; look at Europe where Greece, Cyprus, UK and now Spain and Italy may end up with “unexpected” default.

I mean, we don’t have even to discuss the fact that Bitcoin is really valuable, rare and is a perfect asset for investors. Obviously it has its own issues, like scalability, anonymity, transaction delays, block size and others. But I believe that if we stumbled upon such problems, Bitcoin is successful.

I cannot tell whether Segregated Witness and Lightning Network are going to solve all of the problems but I suppose somebody will. We have no choice. Bitcoin is going to be world’s global currency. Period.

Despite of the fact that Dash or another cryptocurrency has far better approach towards everything, Bitcoin will not be eliminated. It still will be perceived as a digital gold and you cannot deny that.

I can talk all day night about Bitcoin but my main point here is what are you going to do about the fact that it indeed can reach $10,000?

Hope you loved a story.

Your friend, Dmitriy :)

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I would be extremely happy if that would happen.

It will, without of a doubt :)

Sure hope so Dmitriy!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I would be rich...... actually I would not be. Got to buy more now......

Yeah, we all can buy more. It is still a low price I believe :)

Pay off all consumer debt. Hold the rest for higher returns :). To da moon!

Not bad :)

  1. I'll have an interesting talk with all my friends that say I'm crazy now.
  2. I'll take a week off in a good hotel, just to think about I'm going to do next!

I'm going to buy a Surface Studio and get back into drawing big time.

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