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Hey Guys,

Today, HashFlare changed their contracts terms and conditions.
Prior to 01 September 2017, all contracts for SHA-256 and Scrypt were lifetime. Today they decided to change the period for these mining speeds.

From now on, the purchased hash rates will be available for only 1 year (12 months) from the purchase date.

Already existing contracts will automatically expire on 31 August 2018, so even the existing contracts will expire on 31 August 2018.

The power consumption fees will remain the same as before.

The prices for SHA-256 will drop to $2.40 per 10 GH/s and for Scrypt, the prices will go down to $11.5 per 1 MH/s.

I wrote this article for everyone involved with Hashflare and everyone considering to join as you may not have seen the announcement or did not receive the news letter.

These changes are due to the deficit of mining hardware all over the world (at least that is what they stated in the newsletter).
If you decide to join HashFlare for cloud mining I would appreciate if you could use my ref link below. I get a small cut as a bonus for the purchased amounts.

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The new prices are already in. You can now purchase those speeds for the new prices, but FOR 1 YEAR CONTRACT only.

New prices:
Scrypt: $11.5 per 1 MH/s
SHA-256: $2.4 per 10 GH/s


UPDATE: The new prices are already in. You can now purchase those speeds for the new prices, but FOR 1 YEAR CONTRACT only.

New prices:
Scrypt: $11.5 per 1 MH/s
SHA-256: $2.4 per 10 GH/s

Not happy. Recently bought over 25TH because of the lifetime contract. Was going to slowly bring that to 100TH over the next year. Not anymore. Hopefully Genesis won't do the same thing when they get Bitcoin Hardware again.

Is there an approximation of Genesis Mining replenishment?
I am very disgusted by the action of Hash Flare, besides that I have no confidence; who tells me that one day they will not change their contract to go from 1 year to 1 week? Since their CGU allows it ...

They can do it and probably will. Bcs there are still more and more people "smelling" the fast money and risking...at first just a few dollars, then more and more. I COULD be a sign of scam, but also a reaction to the changing market conditions. Although it was announced very short, too short for my opinion. There seems to be a certain panic within the miners-business which we, as the customers, don't realize yet. We will see very soon.

Panic over hardware supply? I can see there being a problem of 1 country holding onto the hardware as long as possible to keep an edge over competition.

very sad, I used to trust them, at least Im very near ROI

How many days is your ROI?
I invested several hundred dollars in early August for a lifetime contract. I feel really rolled.

It's a shame what Hashflare made... decide to finish "lifetime" contracts in one year! Everybody knows that lifetime is means some years while it is profitable. However decide simply to terminate them in one year... not good at all!

Damn, not fair. They advertised lifetime until profitable and now they capped to 1 year. Bye bye Hashflare to new investments. Bye Bye customers....

SHA-256 has Ben Increased by $1.2 100% per 10 GH/s
and Script Has Been Reduced By $ 2 Per 1 MH/s , Main Thing Lot of People Joined Hash Flare Is Because Of there Life time Contract, But Now all the contracts taken before 31/9/2017 will Expire in an year on 31.08.2018,. And New contracts are for 1 year.

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If we buy today will we get the old pricing?

Yes, but you will get 1 year contract for old price (not lifetime anymore!)

The new prices are available today ( 1 Sept 2017 ), but the new contracts will be available for only 1 year, as opposed to lifetime as they were before. In fact, those contracts were never lifetime, since they could be modified at any time. Sad, they seemed to be a good company.

Yeah that is a shame. I didn't end up buying any. Too slow to make enough profit in one year.

It was great before, since it was lifetime, but now a 1 year contract + power fees etc. brings down the profit to almost 0.