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RE: Reclaim your privacy now! with Wasabi Bitcoin wallet. [Promoted]

in #bitcoin2 years ago

honestly they should just embed an app like that into all the thumbdrive secure wallet products to they can wash them and store and transfer in 1 product

old school drug dealers and illegal traders using btc will love this, the rest using zcash and other crypto (perhaps verge, dash, bitcoin private, blackball, monero, and others kinda-private ones)


When your coins are waiting to be coinjoined they the software has to be ready to sign. If it was part of a hardware wallet solution you'd have to stay next to it to authorize at the right time.

I think this is overall a cheaper and more convenient alternative to converting your BTC back and forth other privacy coins.

And why not use the benefits of both worlds? Only time will prove which of the two will give the superior results. I see it like wealth diversification. Only this time in the privacy world. Like an extra layer of protection, or security.

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