[Warning] Don't be fooled by fake ledger nano s

in #bitcoin6 years ago (edited)

Don't fooled by this fake ledger nano s. Look at this FAKE RECOVERY SHEET. It is pre-generated by scammers and put it into the ledger nano s box. Some one from England bought this from ebay and followed this to setup his ledger. Basically he used other person's 24 word seed and put his own btc into this ledger. Later one, not surprisingly, his btc get stolen by the criminal.

Guys. just remember, the real Ledger Nano s's recovery sheet is empty. You will need to write down your own seed words by following the setup procedure. 

Happy new year. Be careful dealing with you bitcoins all the time. and remember only you and you should know those secret 24 word seed.


Correct! Only by hardware wallets from the manufacturer never any third party site including Amazon. Thanks for the warning

actually, buying from amazon or somewhere is kinda 'OK'. The hard bottom line is, generating your own 24 word seed. And from ledger document, you can see, they say it's designed to be very safe, " Ledger doesn't attach any tamper proof seal on its boxes anymore as it is not useful. " https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005211225-Tamper-proof-seal

Yeah, it probably is OK but for peace of mind it's probably just best to buy from the manufacturer and generate your own seed like you said.

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