Introduce in the new SHARKOIN and double your bitcoins

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Hi #steemit fans i want show you how to double your #bitcoins with this funny game #SHARKOIN!

If you want to win crypto money join in sharkoin bets. Have different games like "Dice, Sharkoin double, Bombs, Wheel of Fortune, VIDEO SLOT"

Before you deposit and start play first watch this video with one of the best strategy for double your money with sharkoin.

This is the games of this good profitable website.

SHARKOIN “Fish” Game

The SHARKOIN “Fish” game is very easy to play and a lot of fun! Before you start playing you can set the bet amount. The higher the bet the more you can win.

Goal of the game
Guess the field (the rectangular cell with the prized label) that has a hidden oyster. Every row has one winning field. If you pick the right field, your profit will increase and you will be able to move on up.

The best thing about this game is, that you can take your winnings after just one row! You don’t need to reach all 10 rows to be able to claim your prize. You can claim your win after you cleared just the first row. The game can be played in the “Hard” mode with a 50% winning chance or in the “Easy” mode with a 66.66% winning chance (but with lower prizes).

SHARKOIN “Dice” Game

Our ‘’Dice’’ game offers quick and instant wins! With a low house edge of 1%, the dice game is the most popular in the crypto community.

Set a bet amount and adjust your winning chance in the sphere from 1% to 97% for a higher or lower prize/profit. The lower the chance you set is, the bigger your profits! Click on ‘’ Roll Dice’’ to generate a result from 0 – 100.
Use the “Auto Roll” and the ”Roll under” functions so that you can enjoy your gambling experience to the fullest.

SHARKOIN “Mines” Game

‘’Mines’’ is an entertaining and adrenaline filled game! Start playing by placing a bet and by selecting the mines number.
Goal of the game
The goal is to clear the board without detonating any mines. There are 25 fields that you can uncover. The higher the numbers of mines you select, the bigger your profit will be, but the risk of hitting a minefield increases as well! Take your winning before hitting any mines!

SHARKOIN Wheel of Fortune

Win a fortune by spinning the Wheel!
Goal of the game
Set a bet amount and click on “SPIN” and you can win up to 3 x your bet amount every time you spin the wheel!
Try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune with Free Spins! Free spins available every time your balance is on 0!


SHARKOIN SLOTS offer you the chance to win insanely high prizes.Win from 2x,5x,10x,15x to 50x your bet and cashout instantly!

Goal of the game

Spin the reel and hit the jackpot to win 50x your bet.With the auto function you can enjoy hours of exciting play and massive payouts.

Free Spin (Wheel of Fortune )

Try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune with Free Spins! You can use the “FREE SPIN” every time your balance holds no funds and there are free spins available. Free spins are offered to all users and its number can vary depending on a timeline. Click on the ‘’FREE SPIN’’ icon on the left side of the wheel and spin the wheel for free.

As soon as your account balance is 0 and there are free spins available, you can use as many of them as you would like. The number of free spins available will be displayed on the left side of the wheel. After you win a free spin you can use the funds to play any of our 5 games!


If you like my money way welcome in sharkoin team and lets make bitcoins together.
Please register by my affiliate link:
Thank you guys :)


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