(29 July 2018)BITCOIN (IN USD): recovered back above $8,200 .

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-----[Market News]---------------------------

1 Bitcoin rises, shaking off SEC's denial of Winklevoss ETF.--YAHOO


.After after the SEC denied of Winklevoss twins the first bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin fell sharply to below $8000,but it recovered back quickly and steady above $8200 now. After the cryptocurrency market digest the bad news ,Bitcoin may make the next move.Let's see.
The technical structure suggests consolidation between $7'500-$8'300 .
Expect to recovery bullish.
Hourly support is given at $7'500 .
and resistance remains at $8'300 .
Strong support stands at $5'605 (13/11/2017 low) .
strong resistance remains at $12'130 (08/02/2018).
. In the long-term, the digital currency has had an exponential growth but also
presented important downturns. There is decent likelihood that the currency could stabilize between $7'000 - $12'000 in 2018.




技术上显示短期将在$7'500 - $8'300区间强势整理。
最近的强支撑位$5'605 (13/11/2017 低点),强阻力位在$12'130 (18/01/2018高点).
.长线上看数字货币还将向上增长,但动能开始衰弱,2018年趋向于在$7'000 - $12'000 之间运行



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