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in bitcoin •  4 months ago

I made the decision on my powerhouse laptop - it is a ThinkPad P52 with pretty high end specs.

What a magnificent machine this promises to be for video editing and Blender rendering on the go.

Last Sunday I put up on Purse.io with a 28% discount and it got snatched up in a few hours. That's the way it has been going lately as far as being able to get some pretty substantial discounts really quickly on there.

Anyway, it is Thursday now and I haven't gotten any tracking code or updates as to the status of the purchase, even after having asked the buyer to provide one yesterday. No response at all. So, today I got on my phone to contact support to see if they could intercede or escalate this to get an answer. If the computer hasen't even been purchased yet, as I suspected, then I need to move on. I really want to get my hands on this machine and start using it.

When I got on my Purse.io account, it showed that the computer had been delivered and the bitcoin transfered. I called home to check, but it was no where to be seen.


Obviously, I contacted support immediatly. The chat told me that they would be out for two hours!!??

Finally, someone responded and I did get my bitcoin back, so - phew! Dang. That had me worried. This isn't a cheap computer. It's all speced out and top-shelf stuff.

Support has asked the purchaser to provide a tracking number or order ID, but he hasn't responded yet.

Strange. At least it is going to work out.

I have been using Purse.io for a long time now and I will say that their service is awesome. I don't know what the deal was about them being "out" for two hours today, but it doesn't really matter. They fixed it in a reasonably timely manner. Now I just wonder what the purchaser's deal is. I hope he is ok.

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