Block Chain Expo - North America 2017 - Media Partners list includes Alt Coins Ethereum and Bitconnect

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The worlds largest Blockchain conference and exhibition

Blockchain Expo will be in the Santa Clara Convention Center , November 29th/30th 2017

More than 1500 people across key industries will be there for two days of world-class content from leading brands who are embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. 

Key Speakers will include: 

Dinis Guarda - CEO and Founder - Humaniq

Sean Moss-Pultz - Co-Founder and CEO - Bitmark Inc.

Diego Espinoza - CEO - Healthcoin

Ian Smith - Founder & CEO - Gospel Technology

Johnny Nobles - Blockchain Specialist - Government Blockchain Association

Leif-Nissen Lundaeb - CEO and Blockchain Scientist - XAIN

Many more will be speaking and full details can be obtained from the website link bleow:

Check out the Media Partners below and you will notice Bitconnect next to Ethereum how cool is that !

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Happy Days

Love , Life and Laughter

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