IDGAF About Bitcoin ETF's

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

ETF's rejected - VanEck still up.
China ban 50.0
If Bitcoin falls below 5500, I'd be a bit surprised.

People trying to use stock trading style for crypto.

Buffet, there won't be 30 years of USA bullishness.

Winklevoss "lost" billions during the dip, the rich hodl.

I think ETH will be a layer one protocol that you use for security not building crazy fast Dapps on, for that you use layer two style blockchains like eos.


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Another day, another day closer to the end of the tyrannical debt based central banking system

As emerging markets' currencies start to fail, where will people turn? I think these utility tokens need more / better marketing. Advertise!! Someone tell me why NFL team ownership can't be tokenized. Then the fans can own a part of the franchise. Speaking of Steem, any thought on SteemMonsters?


I love steemmonster been buying up packs. Imagine owning a piece of your favorite team, that would be amazing.

Dan The Man! Thanks for the analysis. Big things on the way!

Hi man, this is a great job, a hug from Venezuela.

They are going to get onboard one way or the other

But you always have people who believe in the vision and then they are committed. They are all in. They can't just say - 'oh well, its not profitable.......'

I want to have as much skin in the game as possible

........ Dude, add me too you fan base. I doubt you keep a count though :-)

Hodlers are definitely not selling. Only short therm traders. Long therm investors are buying these dips to lower their average price if they got in crypto just recently. That’s exactly what I do. And honestly, I don’t care either whether bitcoin ETF gets approved or not. The reaction is only short lived anyway. Even though sentiment is 🤔... not too positive, I think it’s a good sign. I remember stock market in 2008-2009, everyone thought it’s over for stocks, there will never be any bull market. I also remember Buffet was making deals at that time. I agree with you. Summer is historically worst time for cryptocurency, instead December or January are very good times. I don’t expect for crypto to rally by the end of this year, but if it does, it’s only bonus for my patience. I’ve already seen the chart of bitcoin, not looking at it, you wouldn’t believe how bullish the bitcoin actually is.
As always, great to hear your opinion!

Great move to dtube. Love da intro.



Those charts that show the negative correlation between the tweets and bitcoin price movements are amazing. A real eye opener :)

chart tweet.jpg

cgart tweet 2.jpg

I like that you mentioned Bitcoin inflation halving in mid 2020 as a potentially important event. I wasn't aware of that.


How high do you see the civic token you mentioned going? A rough estimate?


Ya, those are some neat charts I found interesting :) as per Civic it's hard to say. Once the business starts turning out customers daily I will get a better understanding. I think the potential is massive though.


Thanks for mentioning it. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

I’ve been hearing that about ETH, I’m all the way in with EOS though! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Great video, digging your perspective.

Good the see your standce on this, I did a similar vid and articles. Futures, ETFs, Derivatives and any other old world devices will make it easier for institutions not only to enter the market but to manipulate it and rinse good people with artificial price volatility.
Crypto noobs want it so they can see price action and make a quick buck.....I'd rather see people buy in before rhe banks can and lock the c#nts out of the easy buying opportunities.....undoing the wealth disparity.

P.S. My dtube uploads always fail with my new login, same shit as when I tried in November. I try doing diny vids and makes no difference.pain in the ass. any tips?


Try handbrake 720p fast with web optimized clicked. That is what I did.


cheers dude, sounds it might be easier than my way which still fails most times

Good point od view indeed. I am glad that you moved to dTube, great! ETF is not important at all.

I believe they'll accept again removing ban very soon. If we have to be rich need to be patience & hodl cryptos. Don't sell dip.



Sooner or later, they’ll have no other choice but to approve it ✌️😁


When weak hands appear... #buythedips.jpg

Wow!!! FUD, FUD, always in the crypto space, when will it ever stop?


Never is my guess lol

They will eventually approve ETFs. There's roughly 30 trillion in retirement accounts in the US. Some percentage of this money will buy crypto ETFs. The paycheck-to-paycheck mentality will continue to exist whether those paychecks are BTC or USD. For some people a retirement account will be the only outlet to accumulate crypto and hold it, irrespective of whether they use it for day-to-day transactions. Crypto tied up in retirement accounts will be taken out of circulation. IDGAF about the ETF timeline, but at the same time I'm not going to downplay the potential here.

why the quality is only 480p?


I am still figuring DTube out, right now I am unsure how to load the video straight from my compt to DTube in HD. I am sure I'll figure it out soon.


ah, Ok, as per question above, u have same issue as me. how are u getting around it. tried small videos makes no fkn difference. wasted hours on it now and last time I tried in Nov. if I don't have to wait another year for them to iron out bugs I'd rather leave Youtube now too.


I just uploaded, I use handbrake 720p fast - default format.

Whaddup gentlemen. I'm learning about EOS at the moment. So, couple days ago I had some spare time and bought about 600.000.000 of them on KuCoin. But I obviously don't want to keep them there. I read about 'simple eos' as a hot wallet. As I tried to put them on there, KuCoin didn't let me withdraw them. Where do you buy those sweet EOS and where do you store them?


Binance/Bittrex/Bitshares - I use the greymass wallet.

I guess it's possible for BTC to drop near 5000 though.


Anything is possible, If bitcoin falls below 100bil marketcap it will be removed from futures trading and miners will be taking a huge hit. If the miners/future traders are willing to let it go that far then it would be quite interesting.


I’m thinking it’s a possibility, like a quick wick for a few hours in a few weeks but like @dhenz said “possible”, no one knows 😂