Cryptocurrency The New Revolution

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Cryptocurrency the New Revolution ...

Big question is *what is this Bitcoin that everyone is talking about Cryptocurrency basically means Digital currency when talking about currency we think about dollar, Euro, Jen.... etc but there is now a new type of currency that is digital, meaning its only internet money, you can go all over the world but you will not be able to see or touch this currency because it is only visible in the computer
. Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency that was invented and that is why it is so much in demand, bitcoin is just like a natural resource because it's value keeps on going up and up
. Bitcoin was invented in 2008 and it's value was less than 1 U.S Dollar but today 1 bitcoin is +- 5600
[1 The interesting thing about bitcoin is that it is digital meaning you can purchase less than 1 whole bitcoin. Most people ask this question: *Is bitcoin like Forex? In Forex trading you are predicting whether currency will rise or fall, if you predict wrong you will lose but with bitcoin you are investing in this digital currency which is in demand and you making lots of money from it without any predictions and losses
Just like how we mine gold physically at the mines, well bitcoin is mined digitally, All you need to mine bitcoin, is:
A phone or computer
A pool that you will mine at ? You mine bitcoin through a computer, you can send transactions to people all over the world by using their bitcoin address which is like a bank account to send them bitcoins
. Bitcoin mining is also known as bitcoin trading
. Another interesting thing about this bitcoin is that you are the only person who have access to your money. meaning: even banks dont have access to your money, no more tax, no more bank charges

In order to own a bitcoin you need to have an email address, so that you can create your own confidential bitcoin wallet, your bitcoin wallet is only transparent to you because with every transaction you do they send you an email were you confirm whether you really did the transaction or not. Even when you login yo wallet, you receive an email were they tell you that u have logged in.
I've told you about both investing in bitcoin and mining your bitcoin, I will be focusing more on mining the bitcoins because this is were you actually make thousands of US Dollars.

There are a lot of Cryptocurrencies ..Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin..but Bitcoin was the first and the most popular cryptocurrency..

Bitcoin has grown about 30% in less than a month..

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