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DigiByte is a coin which is aiming for the gaming and eSports scene. You can earn DigiByte while playing games like League of Legends and combine this with their gaming hub. DigiByte is used right now very actively in Asia.

DigiByte offers multiple ways of being mined instead of one single way like Bitcoin (Sha256) and Litecoin (Scrypt) does. Also, DigiByte is faster than both of them when it comes down to transaction confirmation speed.

DigiByte is more related to Bitcoin than to Dash. Dash tries to make a whole new way of how transactions are working (for example they have masternodes for speeding everything up). Bitcoin on the other hand has it’s limits within the Blockchain which is known as being reliable and rock solid but slow in transaction speed and it’s size limit.

However, DigiByte is an Altcoin which tries to focus on a complete new market while offering new ways of mining.

I disagree with Samuel Patterson. Yes, there are a lot of Altcoins which are just trying to get fast money from early adopters before they drop the support or even the whole coin. DigiByte is an Altcoin which is a serious one. The development and communication with the community is great and the idea and the target behind it is definitely something new. If you’re interested to learn more about DigiByte you can read this post: DigiByte the sleeping giant?

However, Altcoins (as well as Bitcoin) is a very speculative market. You should never invest money that you can’t afford to loose.

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it will go past $1 no problem - eSports lone will take it there


What do you think the timeline is? Also right now things are moving down, so it may be a time to buy, soon. Hard to tell


I also think its time to buy and here we can expect 10x return in 24 months


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