LBC Library Coin - Open a book, make profits. Ascending right triangle spotted! Read this blog!

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Hey everyone,

Here is a short post on LBC Library Coin, that I have been following for a while now even if this is my very first time posting on it. The fact of the matter is, this library is open 24/7 for massive profits! Here's why:


An ascending right triangle! A very powerful pattern that should propel prices to a minimum of $1.42. How's that? That's the power of books!

Enjoy the ride :)

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Remember this article is not intended to guarantee any gain nor encourage you to invest in any way! This is just for your information.

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Have a good one!


$1.2 already, on the LBC/BTC 11700 satoshi is clear target for me, hope LBC will hit it soon!)

Hi Demon,
Monacoin looks like it might be about to break out.
Thanks for the heads up on LBC.

Hey there, indeed, both MONA/BTC (cup&handle) and MONA/USD look done correcting!