BCH Bitcoin Cash - Fractal identified? $3600 target? Find out in this blog.

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Hey everyone, it's been quite a while, hasn't it. Being busy at work doesn't mean I could not keep up with all the amazing stuff that went on for the past 2 weeks.

Most of the altcoins literaly surged out of their sleep, and BTC reached all time new highs.

But what about our dear Bitcoin Cash? Well here is what I came up with this morning:


I have tried and discerned a fractal probably repeating. Notice how a cup was formed in fractal 1, to then turn into a looooong and never ending handy handle. So handy it was propulsed into the stratosphere.

Now look at fractal 2: isn't the whole thing repeating again? I can see a uncannily similar cup, an ABCDE triangle consolidation in the form of a handle, and... a breakout.

So, what's next? Never forget that in spite of sounding the same, "probable" is not the same as "possible". In this case, it is probable that BCH have one last impulse up to $3600 (approximate target) before a big correction.

Keep an eye on it!!! And as always, enjoy the ride!

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Have a good one!