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There has been a lot of degrading comments on Bitcoin in recent times due to the fact that other altcoins especially Ripple are gaining popularity and market share close to Bitcoin. This is occasioned by a number of alcoins flooding the markets, with over one thousand four (1400) plus coins in circulation and a number of ICO(s) for other coins entering the market in progress.

The coins flooding the market is as a result of lack of regulation in the digital currency market which the currencies of various governments of the world regulate. Be that as it may, the owners and team members for a majority of the coins in circulation are seasoned finance professionals who have worked the corridors of Finance for a long period spanning over 20 years or more. A research on the coins on coin marketcap, coindesk or any of the others will give you more insight.
The golden rule to trading in any cryptocurrency, ensure they coins are registered on more than one exchange and can be traded using two or more altcoins . Also verify the websites as you just might end up on the dummy site and loose your funds, this has happened to several persons including me in my early days dealing in cryptcurrencies.
The exchanges for digital coins include but are not limited to the list below:
Coin gecko

Having said that here are a list of coins with potential for future growth that you might want to check out and invest in
Tron (TRX): it is currently $0.18 with a growth rate of 129% in the past week. You can use BTC,Dogecoin, wave, USD and a host of other coins to trade for this coin.

YOB2X: Currently 0.00458 with a growth rate of over 48% in the past week, traded with BTC, USD, Dogecoin and many more.


For us in Nigeria, the only coin traded on the local exchanges for the Nigerian Naira is still only Bitcoin and thus trading in other altcoins require it is converted to BTC before we can actually receive cash nd gain the benefits in trading in cryptocurrencies.
Investments in digital currencies is the other of the day and gaining grounds in the world so why not join the moving train. There is nothing better than having multiple streams of income and being self sufficient/independent.

DISCLAIMER: Make your finds and be convinced you want to risk your financial resources on crytocurrencies as the market is highly volatile. This is not a financial advice of some sort.

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