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What Coins are in the Fear Of Missing Out Pump?

BitCoin(BTC) made an attempt for $20,000 today and for a short period of time, it had reached it. And after briefly touching the lower atmosphere, everyone freaked out and lowered the cruising altitude. This move really didn't help the top 5 coins much, but the new number 6 going is still enjoying the ride To The Moon.

Charlie Lee [LTC]‏ summed up Cardano with this Tweet earlier this morning.

I just noticed Cardano (ADA) is #6 on CoinMarketCap. How did it become a $10B coin when it's only 3 months old and the only major exchanges trading it is Bittrex and Binance and without even any fiat trading pairs? Either the market is crazy or Cardano will end world hunger.

Sure, Cardano(ADA) is doing well and keeps climbing, but at some point there is probably going to be a correction. Until then, enjoy the ride. Also, if you were keeping an eye on the coins a few hours ago and decide to pick one to jump aboard, DigiByte would be that coin.


Hey, how do you make a coin FOMO?

The Larry and Joe Show

John McAfee live and Unsensored! Talking crypto and life!

So, John McAfee picked DigiByte(DGB) as one of the coins of the future. DigiByte was founded by one guy who works on it full-time. While DigiByte isn't at its all time high, I'm sure Jared Tate is very happy right now.

At the 36:52 mark in the show, he mentions the top 5 that will overtake BitCoin(BTC) in 3-5 years.

  1. Monero(XRM)
  2. Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX)
  3. ZenCash(ZEN)
  4. DigiByte(DGB)
  5. Verge(XVG)

To make it clear, he is saying BitCoin will break $1 million per coin and these 5 will go higher than BitCoin.

BTW, John McAfee is pulling for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), if you have a position in that coin.

May the FOMO Forever be in Your Favor

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If he is only remotely correct in all his predctions alot of people will become ridicolously rich :D


I'm going to get a few just in case. Don't want to miss out you know ....


Well, he said BitCoin would be $5,000 by the end of this year.... and they thought he was crazy that it would be that high.

With 265 views why hasn't this post earned $1,000 ?????

Thanks... I'm going to set my facet to earn all of those right now.


A couple of those are too rich for my trading, but I got into DigiByte on the dip.
I sold half of my Cardano(ADA) at 130% return and bought 2000 DigiByte.


Yeah .... 130 % profit is nothing to sneeze at. Did you win any of the free ADA from Binance ?


No, haven't gotten over to Binance yet.

Resteemed also....

I am now earning .28 DigiByte every 4 minutes. Will take me a few days to reach 2,000 though. lol - 1 Digibyte every 16 minutes, (90 DGB / day) .... 22 days

Interesting, thanks for the FOMO.

I like ZenCash but will have to check those others out. There are just too many coins and tokens to know much about them all.