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How Possible is John McAfee's Prediction and Bet?

If you are out of the loop, you missed John McAfee's outrageous statement on Twitter back in July. If you are really out of the loop and don't know who John McAfee is, well... do some Google. He is most noted as the creator of McAfee Software and of lately being a little off hinge.

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When John made that Tweet, BitCoin was about $2023.70 and he also stated that BitCoin would be above $5,000 by the end of 2017. He reminded everyone that there were two parts to that bet he made. In November, he doubled down on his bet and said that BitCoin would go to $1 million by then end of 2020.


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At the moment, with BitCoin staying about $16,000, John is 3x more right than all the people who called him crazy back in July.


And if you look at BitCoin's performance, the average increase is around 1,200%. If we were to lower it down to a 1,000% increase each year, the future of BitCoin would look something like this based on the close value from yesterday. $16.624

  • $182, 864 by the end of 2018
  • $2,011,504 by the end of 2019
  • $22,126,544 by the end of 2020

John could easily win his bet halfway through 2019 at the current rate that BitCoin is increasing.

The problem with BitCoin is that it doesn't act like a normal investment. If you look at it like the DOW Jones Average, it doesn't help. But, it does give you an idea on how things grow. Here are some numbers that I looked up and determined the Year-to-Year change.

Let's start with the first 15 years of the Stock Market. You might think that would show some significant year over year increases that would match what BitCoin did.


Well, how about in recent years? Does the DOW Jones keep pace with BitCoin?


Or, let's look at some Boom Times in the economy and see how they would compare to BitCoin.


The highest signal year increase, of the times that I looked at, was just over 80%.
Obviously, if BitCoin slowed down to 80% increase year over year, John would be looking at a very disgusting snack on live TV.

In perspective, since the Gold Rush of 1852, gold has only increased 10,425% from around $12 to $1,200 an ounce today. In less than 10 years, BitCoin has increased from $2 to $16,000.

There really isn't any good comparison for what is going on with BitCoin.

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There really isn't any good comparison for what is going on with BitCoin.

THAT is what's driving the Statists NUTZ. CryptoCurrency, of which BitCoin is the first... is a new thing. It's not just a horse of a different's not even a horse...hell by that analogy it's not even a mammal.


Could it be a unicorn or a Pegasus?


I don't think so.
It appears to be something completely different..


Something from outer space. UFC .. an an unidentified flying Cryptocoin


something from the matrix.

I took 90 % of my investments out of the Stock Market before the dotcom Bubble in 2,000... so i have missed all the gains since then. But I also missed the dotcom Bubble and the 80% drop in 2008 and 2009.... my $150 investment in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum (+ Free mining coins) since May has made up for the Stock Market gains I missed out on since 2,000. There is always opportunity lurking around the next corner. One thing I have learned is that There is always another Bitcoin..... maybe it's Bitbean ??? It is probably Steem.


I've never been too lucky in stocks. I almost feel that all the money in my 401k could have spent 15 years under my mattress and done better.


I did well investing small amounts in Dell, Amazon, Apple, Qualcom, Broadcom, Nortel and all the other dotcoms from 1996-1999 but after I saw so many people get wiped out in 2000 I was spooked for the last 17 years.